Sad Times

Sad Times


Bob Dylan once said, "Life is Sad, Life is a bust/All you can do is do what you must". We believe that sentiment is true at one time or another for all of us, but as a society we don't always share the feelings, thoughts and actions that accompany these moments. Sad Times has a guest each episode and we talk with him or her about how sadness manifests within him or her; what type of behavior that may surface as a result from being sad. It is my firm belief that if we could just talk a bit more about these things, we might be able to better understand each other, and perhaps feel more content in day to day life.

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  • Sad Times 16 Ali Joseph
    December 9th, 2019
    The connection we have with our parents is more complex than any of us realize. We become who we are based on the tutelage of our parents and no matter what strife arises, there is always a deep love. Join us today for a powerful episode with Ali Joseph as she talks about her relationship with her father growing up and what it meant to her to lose him.You can follow Ali:Facebook @coworknculture Twitter & Instagram @coworknculture www.thecoworkingculture.comFind More Great Podcast at:ForthHand Media -
  • Sad Times 15 Ray Walden
    December 2nd, 2019
    No matter the time period, bullying has always been a constant menace in the lives of many children. It’s isolating and terrifying. Join us today as we talk with Ray about growing up in a large family, how he dealt with severe bullying, and what outlets he used to make sense of the pain and isolation he was feeling.Find More Great Podcast at:ForthHand Media -
  • Sad Times 14 Update
    October 28th, 2019
    Kevin and Brent sit down to talk about the direction of the show, why Kevin decided to make Sad Times, and how YOU can be a guest.  If you want to reach out about possibly being a guest on an upcoming episode, please email us at:
  • Sad Times 13 Jason Weaver
    October 21st, 2019
    When growing up, we are heavily influenced by not only the support of our parents but also what we may not know is missing. As our parents work through life, portions of ourselves are formed that aren’t always evident right away. Join us today as we talk with Jason about some of his experiences growing up, as well as how he has worked through relationships as an adult and how being a father affects him.
  • Sad Times 12 J.T.R. Brown
    October 14th, 2019
    Growing up anxious leads one to look for a lot of outlets and answers. Religion is one of the most comfortable places to put your uncertainty. Join us today as we talk with JT Brown about his journey to find happiness and relief from anxiety and how his faith evolved over time.

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