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Big IDEAS, Big OPINIONS, Big MOUTHS… The world famous Sofa King Podcast! The Sofa King Podcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to popular culture, recent events, and whatever topics the hosts find interesting. From conspiracy theories and technology to the mass media and the future, this podcast explores two interesting topics per week in a way that is simultaneously informative, critical, and humorous. The podcast hosts have big ideas, big opinions, big mouths, and give their take on weekly topics in a way that is both cynical and educational. Adult content, themes, and language. Listen below.

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  • Episode 436: George Lucas: From Greaser to Myth Maker
    December 10th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we talk about the creator of a galaxy far, far away, the one and only George Lucas. He’s most famous for the creation of the Star Wars universe, but people forget he was part of the creative force behind Indiana Jones and one of the ultimate pioneers of special and visual effects in cinema. Most love him for his technical advancements, but some bemoan what he did to cinema, moving it from content to spectacle. And then, too, there was Jar Jar Binks… George Lucas was born in the small town of Modesto, California to a couple of blue collar parents who ran a small walnut ranch and sold office supplies. His biggest hobby growing up was cars and racing, and he even had plans to become a professional race car driver. This dream went up in smoke when he suffered a horrible car crash while racing, and it scared the thrill right out of him. Instead, a friend suggested he follow up with his second biggest passion, which was film. He attended a local community college and then transferred to the fledgling film studies department at USC, where he met incredible talent, from Francis Ford Copula to Steven Spielberg and countless others. He graduated from USC, got drafted, got booted due to health reasons, and went back to USC as a graduate student. Here, he and Copula had the ballsy decision to create their own indie film studio called American Zoetrope, designed to give upstart directors a chance to make films without big studio money. His first film was THX1138 which did poorly at the box office, but it was followed by the cult classic American Graffiti, which did incredibly well at the box office and was Oscar nominated. This got him a golden ticket to turn his passion project—a little science fiction serial he’d been working on—into a film. He directed the first Star Wars and released it in 1977. Nobody expected the film to do well, but it became a global phenomenon. He based the film on Joseph Campbell’s notion of the Archetypical Romantic Quest, something nobody had done in Hollywood, but something virtually everyone does today. This was the start of not just George Lucas’ impact on popular culture, but his climb to become the wealthiest entertainer on earth (which he is as of this recording). It was a fluke, really. He turned down a raise from Fox to write and direct Star Wars in order to retain rights to sequels and merchandising. Fox Studios never dreamed there would be sequels to this strange thing, and nobody made money merchandising, so they struck the deal. Within a year, Lucas was a multi-millionaire. From there, he went on to launch the Indiana Jones movies and produce more Star Wars. Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi were both smashes, as were the Indiana Jones movies, and along the way, he created Industrial Light and Magic to help foster technological innovation in film. From the 80s on, if you watched a sci-fi block buster with crazy effects, odds are it was done by ILM. He also created THX sound systems—the gold standard for movie theaters even to this day—and the company Lucasarts, which created video games, novels, comics, and toys. All of this led to George Lucas being not just a household name, but a billionaire and a myth maker. He released the notorious prequels to mixed reviews, and he ultimately sold his company to Disney for just over $4 Billion dollars. Not bad for a greaser from Modesto… Special thanks to guest host Jason Roskam for sharing his knowledge of all things Lucas. He’s co-host of All Things Star Wars, which is part of the Podbelly family of podcasts.   Visit Our Sources: https://www.
  • EPISODE 435: Australia: WWII
    December 6th, 2019
    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look at a topic that has been high on the fan-voted list: Australia in World War Two. In spite of Brad not believing they did anything to help the war, there is a lot of evidence on the contrary. The story of Australia in WWII is one that not many Americans will know about, but it is one tied in to our own war in the Pacific. It is a story of being abandoned by Britain, fighting in every single war front, transforming their entire nation, and watching for the looming threat of permanent Japanese invasion. On September 3, 1939, Prime Minister Robert Gordon Menzies declared war on Germany and her allies in a now famous speech to all of Australia. They were the first of the UK’s territories to declare such a war, even though it was highly unpopular, and the nation wasn’t ready for it. Australia only had a handful of old weapons from World War One, and the nation wasn’t recovered from the depression yet. But they stood by Britain and threw all in. Britain, however, did not stand by them, and Winston Churchill ultimately took all their troops and did practically nothing to help them once Japan entered the war a few years later. The United States offered them help, however, in the form of a quarter of a million troops and building bases like the infamous Pine Gap. The US needed platforms to launch their war against Japan, so it’s not like they didn’t stand to gain, but the US and Oz formed a strong pair and fought through Pacific together. Australian war fighters battled some of the worst fights in the Pacific, and they helped everywhere from Germany to Italy to the war for gasoline in the deserts of northern Africa against the likes of Rommel. The nation transformed after Japan attacked them through bombings and submarine attacks in 1942. They started to ration, men were sent off to fight, and women were given jobs previously unavailable to them. One of the hardest fights was something called the Kokoda Track Campaign. This jungle warfare against the Japanese taught the Aussies and the Yanks how to fight this particular enemy and secured Australia from being conquered. There were controversies such as a thing called the Brisbane Line (a supposed plan to abandon the northern half of the country to the Japanese) and a conspiracy-ridden story of the sinking of the ship called the Sydney. If you love WWII, you don’t think Australians are real, or just want to hear us swear about Nazis in bad Australian accents, then this one is for you. Visit our Sources: War Announcement: Scared Sh*tless: 1003 Facts that will Scare the Sh*t out of You. Author: Cary McNeal. Perigree Press, 2012.
  • EPISODE 434: Norwegian Black Metal: Satan, Arson, Murder, Suicide
    December 3rd, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we look at the infamous Norwegian Black Metal Scene. Musicians and fans famously went on a church arson spree in the 1990s, but that was hardly the worst that came from these truly dark and twisted bands. There were suicides (both musicians and listeners), murders, arsons, torture, satanic worship (that even called the Church of Satan weak), and white supremacy. And all this was just stage dressing to a new, black type of metal music with evil at its core. Black Metal was said to start in England with a band called Venom in 1982. From there, a wave of other Black Metal bands such as Bathory (named after the infamous Lady Bathory) and Hellhammer spread. But it wasn’t until it hit Norway in the 1990s that the genre really took off. A group known as the Black Circle met in a studio in Oslo, and from there many bands were formed. The Black Circle is said by many to be a satanic cult that music spawned from, but others just think it was a marketing ploy. With all the mayhem and violent crimes that grew from these groups, however, it seems far from marketing. What crimes? Well, where to begin…  The musician called Gorgoroth killed several goats and put their heads on spikes and bathed the audience in blood. A man called Ghaal kidnapped, tortured, and blood-let a guy…twice. Varg Vikernes famously murdered his band mate named Euronymous (who himself tried to blow up a church with a bomb some years earlier). Which leads back to the arsons. They say that Black Metal is responsible for over 50 church arsons in in a four year span in Norway alone. So, are these people truly evil Satanists, or are they so swept up in their fictional band characters that they put everything on the table for art? Listen, laugh, learn…     Visit Our Sources: Black Mass Footage: Scared Sh*tless: 1003 Facts that will Scare the Sh*t out of You. Author: Cary McNeal. Perigree Press, 2012.
  • Episode 433: Pascagoula Alien Abduction: Madness in Mississippi
    November 28th, 2019
    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we dig in to one of the most researched UFO abduction cases in America, the Pascagoula Alien Abduction of 1973. Though you may not have heard of it, it has been vetted, argued, and critiqued by some of the biggest UFOlogists in history. It involves aliens that don’t match any other description and comes from men who stand to gain nothing from telling their tale. As with all such cases, the truth is elusive. It is a tale of two men being abducted, police secretly recording them, and witnesses coming out to corroborate their very unique story. The tale begins in an October night in Mississippi, when Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were out fishing as the sun went down on the banks of the Pascagoula River. They heard a strange zipping sound in the sky, akin to static electricity, and looked up to see a 30 foot long craft with a dome on top lower down to hover two feet from the ground. A hatch opened, and three beings unlike anything described in UFO literature floated out. They paralyzed Hickson and Parker and floated them on to the ship. A giant metal eyeball examined them, and they had “experiments” performed on them before they were let go. It was, ironically, a catch and release of the two fishermen. The two of them collected themselves and finally called the local air force base. The air force said no thanks and told them to go to the police. The men arrived at the police station at 10:30 PM and told them their story. The cops recall them being frantic and having a story that didn’t waver. The police gave them a polygraph and did everything they could to get the story to break or show cracks and flaws. It didn’t. In fact, the police secretly recorded the two of them alone and were shocked at what they found. (That last sentence was click bait to get you to download the episode…) Hickson (42) told everyone he could about the event, even going on the Tonight Show with Jonny Carson. Parker, only 19, was terrified and told nobody about it, even changing jobs if someone recognized him as the UFO guy. Years later, the police tapes were revealed, several other witnesses finally came forward and told interesting stories of their own from that night, and the phenomenon has been kept alive. So, what did these aliens look like? What did the other witnesses see? What was on the police tapes? What did the UFOlogists discover in their investigation, and what did debunkers and skeptics come up with? What was so compelling about the case that Mississippi put up a permanent marker on the site of the abduction? Listen, laugh, learn.     Visit our Sources: Video of the abductee talking:  
  • Episode 432: Mark Zuckerberg: From Zucknet to Facebook
    November 26th, 2019
    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we look at one of the most influential (and richest) people on the planet, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. People tend to hate his world-changing social media platform, but they just can’t quit him and repeatedly go back to check their likes and update their profiles. Zuckerberg is a man surrounded by controversy, from the way the site started (and his alleged theft of intellectual property of the Winklevoss twins) to the ideas of fake news and foreign interference in modern day elections. He’s been called to congress and called to task, but he remains the king of social media. Mark Zuckerberg was born in 1984 (the year of Big Brother, for those looking for irony) in New York state. His family was well off, with a dentist father and a psychiatrist mother. He was a prodigy with computers and programming at a very young age, and he even created a messaging program that connected his father’s dentist office to their household. It was called Zucknet. Years later, he would become better at naming things. His father hired a computer programmer to tutor his son, but in short order, he admitted that Zuckerberg knew more than he did. By the time he graduated from his prep school and went to Harvard, he had a reputation on campus as being the smartest guy in the room when it came to computers and coding. While a sophomore, he riffed off of a thing that only an Ivy League school could have--they were called face books, physical books that had photos of everyone who lived on campus, so people could figure out who to have sex with. He created a digital version called Facemash (not quite there on the naming thing…), but it was shut down by the university within a week. This creation led to him meeting the Winklevoss twins who had an idea for a social media platform to use on campus. He worked with them briefly and then set out to make his own, which he would call Facebook. Originally, it was designed to be used on the Harvard campus, but as it grew, it slowly competed with Myspace and spread to all colleges, not just Harvard. From there, it opened to the entire public; he and his three friends honed the software and improved it until it became a sensation. They worked out of dorms until they moved to Palo Alto in the heart of silicon valley and found investors. He turned down Yahoo! and MTV who both wanted to buy Facebook, all because he had a vision. His vision paid off when his IPO on the stock market became the largest in the history of all tech companies and made him one of the wealthiest men on the planet overnight. But in spite of all the likes, Zuckerberg has met with multiple controversies in recent years. First, he was sued by the Winklevoss twins for millions. Then, he was blamed for a group called Cambridge Analytica which used information from tens of millions of Facebook users to tamper with the 2016 elections. This was an event that led to his (first) meeting with congress at a public hearing about his power and whether or not he uses it properly. And though he comes off like a lizard person or a waxy skinned android, he has given away billions of dollars alongside his wife to various charities and aims to bring the internet to the poorest 1/3 of the globe who currently don’t have access to it. So give thumbs up or a thumbs down, but listen, laugh, learn.   Visit our Sources:
  • Episode 431: The Dust Bowl: Oklahoma’s Epic Fail
    November 22nd, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we look at one of the biggest natural disasters in American history—The Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl was a period of ten years where the perfect mixture of events combined to destroy all of agriculture in Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, and Kansas. It led to millions of people fleeing the area and dust storms that raged for days and killed countless people due to malnutrition and illness. One particular storm, called Black Sunday was so bad that it caused a storm that swept up a million tons of top soil from Oklahoma and dumped them as far away as Canada, Chicago, and New York! Even though the events of the Dust Bowl predate global warming by a century, it serves as a cautionary tale of how bad things can get with a quickness when weather and humans collide for mass stupidity. So what caused the dust bowl? It was a mix of things, and of course if something is wrong US, the government was involved. In order to lure settlers out to more undesirable areas of the country, the US made offers of free land which expanded and ended up being as high as 640 free acres in some states. This lured people with no farming knowledge to head to the area and start a life working the earth. So, thousands of unskilled workers showed up and were suddenly given all the advances of the industrial age to help work the soil. This combined in the worst way to harm the topsoil after just a few years of bad crop decisions. Now, the other part of the equation was that the area was known to have heavy rains for a decade and then light rains for a decade, but none of the farmers knew about the light rains. So, with soil that was overworked and in bad condition, the drought settled in, and once-fertile soil turned into nothing but sand and dust. This spread through several states until every storm turned into a dust storm with a  blacked sky and nothing to stop the ground from being pushed away Dozens of dust storms in just a few years made the area impossible to farm, and the dust itself caused health problems. This was all during the Great Depression to make things even worse, so everyone was starving, couldn’t work their land, and had no other line of work to turn to. Hundreds of thousands of “Oakies” moved to California to find work, but there was very little to be found. The static electricity was so bad in the arid, dusty atmosphere that people would get knocked on their butts from the discharge of simply shaking hands. It was a time of rail riding hoboes, bad health, mass migration, and biblical omens like red skies, hidden suns, and plagues of rabbits and bugs. If you’re into history, or just even just hoboes, give this one a listen.   Visit our Sources  
  • Episode 430: Ilse Koch: The Bitch of Buchenwald
    November 19th, 2019
    On this episode of the world Famous Sofa King Podcast, we travel back to World War Two and tell the tale of Ilse Koch, the Bitch of Buchenwald. Everyone knows the names like Dr. Mengele and tales of SS Officers who tortured and murdered the Jews in concentration camps. But this obscure, and truly evil woman, largely escapes the lens of history. Born in Dresden, Germany, Ilse lived in the poverty that faced all of Germany in the aftermath of World War One. This very poverty was what led Hitler to power, by exploiting the desire for Germany to be great again. And Ilse Koch was exactly the type of person Hitler was aiming at. She joined the Nazi Party very early on, and by the time Hitler came to power, she and her husband Karl Koch were rewarded with promotions. Karl became the warden of a prison, and he was so sadistic that the Nazis decided to put him in charge of the construction and daily operation of Buchenwald Concentration Camp during the holocaust. Unlike a lot of German women during the Reich, Ilse was not content to simply sit at home and be a house frau. Instead, she took a job at her husband’s first prison to prepare herself for life in Buchenwald, and once there, she really went off the rails. For one thing, she took money from the Jews as they got off the trains and used it—a lot of it—to build a mansion and massive structure in which she could horseback ride on the premises. She was known to ride around the camp and whip prisoners with her riding crop for a laugh. Oh, and she was also know to do it in skimpy clothes, so if any of the men stared at her, she could have them shot. This behavior went as far as her having servants come to her mansion while she was in a nightie and then killing off any man that looked at her, or lining Jews up in the nude and having any killed who got an erection. But she was just getting started. Apparently, she liked tattoos. She liked them a lot. In fact, she would collect them. From dead Jews. And make lamps for the house and a favorite purse out of them. In fact, she figured out an evil scheme in which the doctors of Buchenwald would conduct experiments to see if people with tattoos were more likely to be criminal and have different physiology. The only way to know was to kill and dissect them. Then, she would have other prisoners skin and tan the dead Jews, so she could have her keepsakes. The things that she and her husband did in the camp were so awful that even the Nazi party said enough. They had both of them arrested and tried. What were the results of the trial? Why did Karl get a much more harsh punishment than Ilse? What did the US and the new West German government do to punish her for war crimes? What happened to all the skin she had gathered? Did she really have shrunken Jew heads  in a glass case? How did she finally die? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit our Sources:  
  • Episode 428: Library of Alexandria: A Collection of The Worlds Knowledge Lost
    November 14th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we travel back in time and look at one of the most important creations of the ancient world—the Library of Alexandria. This was considered to be the largest library ever built by humanity (until the Library of Congress…), and it was destroyed in a raging fire. Or, that’s what people think, anyway. So, how big was this library? It contained upwards of a million scrolls and books from all of the ancient, Western World. From Egypt to Greece to Rome and all parts nearby, if you wrote it, they had it. It housed a hundred scholars who were paid to live there and simply think and invent. In this way, it was a precursor to modern research universities by a few thousand years. The library was established by Alexander the Great who wanted a major hub of learning to be in his new capitol, so the military could always have an advantage. The head librarians and the Ptolemys who took after his death saw something much more grand in this place. It was set out to be a place to worship the Muses, but its contents and glory spread as the new rulers paid more money to make it even more grand. The head librarian had the power to seize ships that came to port and make copies of any written work they had on board (copies on finer paper would be returned, but the originals stayed in the library). They’d send curators to all nearby city states to get the original works of anything they had written—science, math, mapping, literature, history, medicine—you name it, they wanted it. The destruction of this unparalleled center for learning is a mystery for historians to this day. Some say Julius Caesar destroyed it as he set fire to the docks of Alexandria. Others think this damaged the secondary building, but not the grand Library of Alexandria itself. Another camp thinks it was Christians who lived in the city and were rioting against pagans who kept written works in the towers. And yet another camp thinks it was Muslims who destroyed anything that didn’t mesh with the Koran. It was probably a lot more complicated than any of those single things, but the rise and fall of one of the most impactful houses of thought in the history of humanity is a worthy topic for your ear holes.   Visit our Sources:  
  • Episode 427: Carl Tanzler: The Tale of The Corpse Bride
    November 12th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we take a poke at some disturbing history and explore the life and love of Carl Tanzler. If you don’t know who Tanzler was, here’s a sneak peek—he lived with the corpse of the girl he obsessed over for seven years. But more on that later… Carl Tanzler was born to a wealthy family in Germany in 1877. As a young adult, he studied many differing subjects and traveled a lot. In fact, he found himself in Australia when World War I broke out, and he (like all other Germans) found himself living in a prisoner of war camp until the end of the war. He tried to escape once, but was finally released to the Netherlands at the end of the war. Eventually, Tanzler made his way to Florida to live with his sister after marrying a woman in Germany and fathering two kids. He took a job as a radiology technician in 1927 at a Marine Hospital in Key West. He lived apart from his wife and kids to do this job, but still supported them financially. Oh, and did I mention that when he was a child, he was visited by the ghost of Countess Anna Constantia von Cosel who told him one day he would find true love in a dark haired beauty? Well he did, and he did. Because a few years after taking his job, he met Elena De Hoyos, a twenty-one year old tuberculosis patient. He fell madly in love with her and did everything he could to find her a cure, all the while giving her gifts and jewelry and professing his love, which she didn’t reciprocate. To heal her, he did radical, fringe experiments that the hospital didn’t know about, took an X-Ray machine back to her house, and gave her all sorts of potions and elixirs meant to find a cure. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work. She died of TB, and Carl Tanzler paid for a lavish mausoleum to be built for her. He’d skip work nights to sit near her grave and sing her dark songs, and eventually she told him through the door to take her body home. So, like you do, he did. He took her home on a red child’s wagon and reinforced her corpse for endurance and love making. He lived with her for 7 years. So what finally got Carl Tanzler caught? How did he preserve her two year old corpse once he got it home? What scheme did he have to infuse her body with cosmic radiation to bring her back to life like the bride of Frankenstein? How did he get her hair? How did he have sex with the body? Why did the city put her body on display for a dollar a pop? What did his wife think of all of this? What did he blow up with dynamite before leaving Key West? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit our Sources:
  • Episode 426: The Yorkshire Ripper: Blood and Bludgeoning
    November 8th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we look at the murderous life of a British serial killer named Peter Sutcliffe, aka the Yorkshire Ripper. It was May of 1981, and he was convicted of murdering 13 women (mostly prostitutes) and trying to kill another seven. But he didn’t have typical serial killer childhood or even the control issues or sexual fantasies that many such killers had. In fact, his motivation seemed to come from the fact that he heard God’s voice tell him to kill hookers through the grave stone of a dead Polish man. You know…that old story. So, how did it all start? Sutcliffe was born to a middle class factory family and had an otherwise normal mom and childhood. He was anti social, but nothing anyone would describe as particularly out of the ordinary. His father was a macho bully who berated Peter for not being more manly, but there was no evidence of physical abuse. Eventually, after years of this treatment, he worked out until he was buff enough to best his brothers and make his family happy. He lived a seemingly normal life, working at various factories and eventually getting a job as a truck driver. He was married, but had no kids. But, he was disturbed. He worked a job as a grave digger, and people said he would do strange things with the corpses, like pose them and make fun of them. He’d tell jokes that even other grave diggers thought were pushing it, and he’d steal things from the dead. Eventually, he started to visit hookers to get revenge on his cheating girlfriend, and that’s where his transformation to the Yorkshire Ripper started. His first taste of blood was when a pimp took his money and roughed him up without letting him have sex. He went back to the neighborhood and beat the hooker with a sock that had a brick in it. He did this a total of three more times, and he had his taste of blood and bludgeoning. From there, he elevated things and started to attack hookers with ball peen hammers and slash them with a knife. The first few survived, but he dot more aggressive and eventually shifted to killing. The Yorkshire Ripper would hit hookers with the hammer several times and then slash or stab them. Like many serial killers he was caught and questioned by the police several times but always managed to talk his way out of it. So, what finally got him busted? How did he try to hide the evidence of his crimes with the cops right there? What was his reaction when accidentally killed a girl who wasn’t a prostitute? What was the deal with his V-Neck sweater that he wore upside down to let his crotch go through the neck hole? How many cops did it take to catch him, and how many interviews did they do? How was he treated in prison, and when did his wife finally leave him? Did he really have a testicle five times bigger than normal? Why did the media give him a name that hearkens back to Jack the Ripper? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit our Sources:  
  • Episode 425: Unarius Academy of Science: Bad Cult, Awesome Films
    November 5th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we talk about one of the craziest little cults you’ve never heard of, The Unarius Academy of Science. It was started in 1954 by Ernest and Ruth Norman, and they got fringe-famous for a series of over 100 odd books that detailed there cosmology and an alternate history of humanity. And then there were the videos. They made the most fantastically awesome awful films for public access television in the 1980s that are as bad as any Troma film and totally worth a watch. (Seriously. Google them or check the links below and go watch some!) Like most cults, they started with a conman who could twist people into believing odd things. Ernest Norman met his soon-to-be wife while he was a conman taking money from grieving war widows during World War II. He’d claim to put them in touch with the spirits of their dead GI husbands and take their cash in the process. He met Ruth, and within weeks they were married, and she was spending her dead husband’s considerable restaurant fortune on Ernest and the birth of the Unarian ideas. So what are their ideas? Like Heaven’s Gate, they believed that UFO space brothers would come by and rescue humanity, but they weren’t all dark and twisted about it, telling people to kill themselves. Actually, unlike most cults, they didn’t really take people’s money or have strange sex or anything especially cult like. (We think it’s because Ernest died early on, and his wife ran the joint instead, obsessing over making films and getting pictures of herself in utterly crazy outfits…) The Unarius group believes in reincarnation and that their two leaders were major people in human history like Confucius, Ben Franklin, Julius Caesar, and even Tesla. They were also connected to archangels from other planets and would one day usher in 33 space ships that would form a city ship in the skies above El Cajon, California. Like you do… So what was in these amazing videos they filmed? What did their current leader do to purge himself of sin? What happened when they let 33 doves free from a tin UFO in the high California summer heat? How much money are they worth, and how much property did Ruth Norman buy for a UFO landing strip before she died? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit Our Sources: Unarian Youtube Channel:
  • Bonus Episode: Waiting for Brad…
    November 1st, 2019
    On this Sofa King Podcast experience, we have another bonus-lite episode. Why bonus-lite? Because Brad isn't here. So, Brent and Dave turn to the Unofficial SK Ultra Fan Group to get some questions to chew the fat over. What questions you might ask? Would we ever do radio again? What were the pros and cons of the radio episodes? How open are we to trying things outside of our comfort zones? Are we truly accepting of people of all races, religions, and sexual orientations? Do we have any known biases in that regard? What is our favorite dessert? What keeps us going with the podcast even while facing life's hardships and recent struggles? Oh, and some hot mess question about "Rosikrishkins," radioactive babushkas, and honky tonk bedonkadonks... Listen for some deep thoughts and deep laughs, and if you like what you hear, don't be afraid to support us in Patreon!
  • Episode 424: Freddie Mercury: The Ultimate Rock God
    October 29th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we explore the life, love, songs, and death of the ultimate rock and roll front man, Freddie Mercury. He wasn't the typical British rock god people assume him to be. In fact, he was born in Zanzibar, not the UK. His birth name was Farrokh Bulsara, and he didn't live in England until he was 12 years old when his parents were fleeing a violent revolution in their home country. Unsurprisingly, he was a gifted musician early on, learning the piano at age 8 and being able to parrot just about any song shortly thereafter. He started singing in bands before he was even a teenager, but he only started to seriously do gigs when he moved to London with his long time fiancé Mary Austin. He sang in small bands with horrible names (Sour Milk Sea, The Hectics, Ibex, and Wreckage) before he met guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, to become lead singer of their band Smile (bass player John Deacon joined later). The released an album a couple years later, and then started to prolifically drop an album a year through the early 70s. They met with some success with the album Sheer Heart Attack in 1974, and the rest was music history. They started to tour, and Freddie Mercury's charisma sold out house after house. Freddie turned out to be a musical genius with a four octave range, and only sleeping three or four hours a night (something that Prince also did, which I guess is a sign of musical genius!). Eventually, no music venue could hold them, so they became the first band to sell out sporting arenas. Their live shows culminated in their Live Aid performance, which is largely considered to be the greatest rock and roll concert of all time. From “We Will Rock You” to “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and from “Under Pressure” to “Flash Gordon,” the larger-than-life stadium glam rock hits kept coming. Through it all, there were of course parties, cocaine, and lots and lots of sex. This is what ultimately lead to Freddie Mercury’s AIDS-related death in 1991. So, was Freddie Mercury gay or bisexual? What happened between him and his female fiancé of 7 years? How did she get along with his boyfriend? Why did he keep his AIDS diagnosis a secret? To whom did he leave his fortune, and why? What was with his broken microphone stand? And why didn't he fix those teeth?!? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit our Sources:
  • Bonus Episode: Stand Up or Sit Down?!
    October 25th, 2019
    On this bonus episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, the three mad men return to answer some questions. What types of questions? Why, the interview questions once used by 19th Century French novelist Marcel Proust of course! So, we ponder the following: What traits do you admire in a woman? What occupation would you rather do than the one you have? What occupation would you never want to do? Oh, and we talk a lot about stand up comedy. We get to the bottom of why we have never tried it. Dave talks about what it felt like to bomb on stage doing improv comedy, and Brent talks about his strangely powerful fear of public speaking and being on stage. We talk about lots of other stuff as well and get all deep and personal, but to be honest, I'm too tired to remember any of it or write it down. So let's just call it a night, okay? Don't judge me!
  • Peter Freuchen: From Poo Daggers to Killing Nazis
    October 22nd, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we cover the life of one of the world's greatest explorers, survivalists, Nazi Hunters, movie producers, and authors of the past hundred years: Peter Freuchen. Never heard of him? Well, get ready for a story full of jail breaks, fecal daggers, and peg legs! Peter Freuchen was born in 1886 to a businessman who drove him hard to excel at school. Young Peter, however, had different plans. He dropped out of a prestigious medical school and took all the money he had to go on a truly epic adventure. He met up with his friend Knud Rasmussen and took a ship that sailed as far north from Denmark as any ship would travel. Then, they took sled teams and pushed 600 miles deeper north. There, they discovered the Inuit people, and their lives changed forever. They were the first white men to learn their language and embrace their culture. They learned how to fish, hunt, and track in the extreme North. While there, Freuchen found an Inuit bride and killed polar bear. They established a base camp called Thule Trading Station, and from there launched several death defying expeditions. On the third such expedition, Freuchen was buried in an ice cave and had to dig out with a dagger made of his own poo and cut all of his toes off with a pair of clamps and a hammer. After crawling back to base camp, he had to have his frost bitten foot replaced with a peg. And he kept right on adventuring. After he lost his wife to the Spanish flu, he traveled and lectured and even made Oscar winning film adaptions of some of his memoirs. He got all political and ran a magazine in Denmark and ultimately found himself there when the Nazis invaded. He became a key figure in the resistance and talked smack any time a Nazi said anything bad about Jews, and Hitler himself ordered his capture. He was captured and sent to a camp in France to be executed, but he escaped. Did I mention the peg leg? Oh, and while he was escaping he met a fashionista from New York who worked for Vogue magazine and helped her escape as well, marrying her and moving to New York. Like you do. So, if you want to hear about the baddest of the bad, a bulletproof adventurer the likes of which even Steve Irwin would have marveled at, this is the episode for you. Visit our Sources:
  • Bonus Episode: Brad’s Not Here!
    October 18th, 2019
    This is a bonus episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast. But, it is a “bonus episode: light.” Why? Because Brad’s not here! He’s smack dab in the middle of being an awesome father, so the intrepid Dave and Brent take to the microphones by themselves. In this episode, they answer the interview questions of Marcel Proust, French Novelist, and man with a mustache that was as fancy as it gets. These questions are apparently quite powerful since the guys only answered three questions, and it turned into a full blown episode. What questions did they answer? Why does one of the guys prefer Superman while the other prefers Spider Man? What does a cleft palate and being abnormally tall have to do with each other? Where does Lebowski fit in? Download and listen to learn this and much, much more! Be sure you check out our newly added merchandise and consider becoming a Patron to support the cause!
  • Patreon Episode: Misunderstood
    October 17th, 2019
    What happens, when the Sofa King Podcast sets a microphone up in front of two innocent little girls to talk about their parents and their friends? Well, for one thing, it turns in to a Patreon shout out. For another thing, a lot of sex talk that isn’t sex talk happens. For another another thing, hilarity ensues. For another another another thing, they aren’t really little girls. For another another another another thing, it isn’t safe for work what with all the dirty talk that isn’t dirty. Confused? You don’t have to be? You could just download and give it a listen. We hope this little skit conveys the genuine thanks and love we have for our Patrons. You keep us in ramen and El Yucateco hot sauce, and we appreciate every single dollar you give us. We do this thing to have fun and tie in to the odd community that has sprouted up around us, but the Patron dollars really help us out in our regular lives. If you’re not a Patron, feel free to join here! If you are a Patron, feel free to keep doing what you’re doing. 
  • Episode 422: Fresno Nightcrawlers: Alien Break Dance Battle?
    October 15th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we delve into the paranormal and look at a creature that some say is an alien and other say is a cryptid—the Fresno Nightcrawler. Now, Fresno is only about an hour and a half from the Fight Club Studios, so we were instantly interested in a creature that hails from our backyard. In this case, the creature is a strange one, or a strange two since they seem to travel as a couple. Unlike most cryptids, there is video footage of them (see the notes below). They look like a pair of lanky, strange legs with knees that don’t bend quite right. Oh, and it has no real torso or head, just a bit of a lump above the flowing, blowsy legs. The first encounter with them that was filmed was on a security camera in the backyard of a man named Jose (he keeps his last name out of it to avoid all the nonsense). In November of 2007, he heard his dogs barking in an odd, threatened way at 12:45 AM. He went to check the video camera in case it was another break in, and he saw the Fresno Nighcrawlers. They shambled and flowed across his front yard and through is wrought iron gate, on and then another. The next day, he called the police, and they obviously had no jurisdiction on alien pants creatures. They suggested the media, and he called the local Univision station. They filmed a video of his video and sent it to MUFON for investigation. MUFON sent a man named Camacho out to investigate, and after several months, he finally interviewee Jose and took the footage to a MUFON conference. That was when the video went viral. After that, another video appeared, allegedly shot north of Fresno in Yosemite. But even before all this, there was an encounter of something called the Caramel Creature, a strange being with a similar description in Indiana, an alleged ancient Yokuts Indian myth, and even a video from Poland. People try to debunk these videos. Hard. And some succeed more than others. What do the guys think of these videos? Why do they think one might be more legit than the others? How tall are these Fresno Nightcralwers, and how did they fit between an iron fence? Why was Jose so scared that he didn’t even leave his house for three weeks after the encounter? Where are the creepy wooden statues that are said to depict these creatures? Are they aliens, cryptids, beings from the spirit realm? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit Our Sources: First Video of Nighcrawler: Second Video: Polish Video: MUFON Video with Jose: Break Down of Videos:  
  • Patreon Shoutout: Palomas Feat Brentano
    October 14th, 2019
    Show: Kings of the Sofa Season 7, Episode 9: "Fear and Loathing in Bakersfield" Genre: Situation Comedy Run Time: 22 Minutes Rating: TV-MA (Suggestive Dialogue, Coarse or Crude Language, Sexual Situations, Violence) Summary: On a very special episode of Kings of the Sofa, CJ Lazer smokes marijuana for the first time. Concerned, the guys all attempt to help in different ways. Brent holds an intervention. Brad tries to make CJ sweat it out. Dave tries to scare CJ straight. All of their tries meet with unexpected results and teach them more than they ever bargained for about drug use. Guest starring Whoopi Goldberg.
  • Patreon Shoutout The Burglar: A Patron-Funded Documentary
    October 11th, 2019
    This special episode of the Sofa King Podcast is a first-of-its-kind, True Crime podcast documentary produced by Brad, Brent, and Dave. It is a little know case of a serial criminal who committed his malfeasance from the East coast to Kansas. In this piece, we interview a survivor of these crimes, The Burglar's lover, and even the special agent from the FBI who helped bring him to justice. On top of all of that, we were granted special access to The Burglar himself and were able to include portions of his interview in the documentary. We hope this tale of a little known criminal resonates with you as much as it did with us, and we hope to use it as a launching point to conduct more podcast documentaries as a way to thank some of our dedicated patrons. To support the Sofa King Podcast, please visit is at:
  • Episode 421: Amityville: Murder, Monsters, and Malarkey
    October 8th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we give you a two-fer and talk both true crime and the most (in)famous haunting in America. That's right, it's the case known as the Amityville Horror. What started as a truly mysterious mass murder in the iconic house in Amityville evolved into a world-famous ghost story that spawned books, horror films, documentaries, and scarred the childhoods of countless kids growing up in the 1970s. (I'm looking at you "get ouuuuut" ghost!) So, where does this multifaceted story begin? With the murder of six members of the DeFeo family in November of 1974. It was a middle-class family living under an abusive drunk, the father Robert DeFeo Sr. Their son, Robert Jr., snapped and pulled a gun on his father to stop the beatings, and his parents rewarded him with gifts and a job at the family car lot. One day, he left work early (as he often did) and talked mad smack about his family. The next day at 6:30 AM, he burst back into the bar claiming his parents might have been shot. Witnesses followed him to find all six members of his family shot in their beds face down. This is where the mystery builds. No neighbors heard gunshots. There was no silencer, no sign of struggle, no drugs in their systems, and ultimately no motive for the killing of anyone other than the abusive dad. This case was famous, and as a result, the house wasn't worth much. Enter the Lutz family. They bought the murder scene and moved in, but sold the place only 28 days later. Why? Well, it was crazy haunted. There was a room full of flies, green ectoplasm leaking from the doors, a pig with flowing red eyes, and imaginary friend/ghost that their son could see, a demon boy photo, and a ghost who screamed "Get Out" at a priest. Their story spawned a book and cult film, and the house was never the same again. But all may not be as it seemed, and a lot of doubt has been raised about the story of the haunting? So, who said the Lutz family was making it all up? Did they concoct the story over a bottle of wine in an attempt to make some money? Why did they move in only 28 days? What did the children claim happened to them that wasn't in the movies? Was the house on an anceint indian mad house, and did George Lutz mess with occult powers in his garage? How does Drunk Brad's theory legitimately explain the strange DeFeo murders? Listen, laugh, learn. Visit our Sources:    
  • Bonus Episode: The Philosophers Stoned
    October 4th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we step away from our usual show pattern and give you a good old fashioned bonus episode. If you want a regular episode, skip this one and go one episode ahead or back. There, you’ll hear us research and topic and spit facts at you as well as horrible off topic jokes and conversational cul-de-sacs. On this one, however, we give you a bonus episode. No research. No plan, just the fellas shooting it over some whiskey. What do we talk about? All sorts of stuff. Great stuff! Crazy stuff! Stuff that is sure to delight and offend! We actually turned to the unofficial SK Facebook group, and they asked us questions about our philosophy on life. What did they ask us? What is our philosophy on cutting friends and family out of our lives? What is the relationship between passion versus commitment? What is our philosophy on credit scores and credit bureaus? We may have a contact high from being so close to episode 420, but we get deep! So, get those earholes ready for some wisdom. Oh, and if you love this Bonus Episode or our regular episodes, do us two favors. First, go and support us on Patreon!
  • Cheech and Chong: Episode 420, Man…
    October 1st, 2019
    On this 420th episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we discuss the consummate stoners of all time, Cheech and Chong. This comedy duo hit the scene in the early 1970s and were an international phenomenon within a decade. They made several smash comedy albums, half a dozen movies, and defined what it meant to be a stoner (or a chollo) for nearly four decades after. They were so successful in their characters that they fooled a several generations (including the hosts) into thinking they were kind of slow stoners who stumbled into fame. The truth couldn’t be more different, as we learned researching these two comedic geniuses and how they made such an indelible mark on popular culture. Tommy Chong was born in Canada, and was half Chinese and half Irish. He was a very talented musician who once played for a band who had Jimmy Hendrix as their guitar player! He got out of the music business after a band member gave him his first joint and a comedy record, and the world was never the same since. He took over his father’s burlesque club and started doing improv comedy there in between the naked women, and that’s where he met Cheech. Richard “Cheech” Marin was born in east LA and moved to Canada to avoid the draft to Vietnam after dropping out of college. He was delivering carpet for a living and went into Chong’s club, and the two hit it off right away. The two of them found success being an improv duo, and they honed their acts and their craft for several years. Like Richard Pryor, their acts pushed boundaries and were very risqué, but it is what put them over the top. They toured, doing over 300 shows a year on the road, and they eventually put out their first album, called Cheech and Chong in 1971. They released an album a year from there on, and their fame and following grew continuously. Five years later, they had their first movie deal for Up in Smoke, and the rest was history. They had an amazing run of movies playing the same two characters, and their performances were convincing enough to make people believe they were really stoners. Well, maybe Chong was a little, but they were professionals, and their improv skills make their movies and albums come to life in ways that only the Marx Brothers and few others could match. Though dated, their comedy still holds up as legendary. So, how did Cheech and Chong manage to get a feature film made by Paramount studios when instead of a script, they had three and a half pages of notes on a yellow legal pad? Did Cheech even smoke weed at all? Why did US prosecutors come after Tommy Chong in 2003, and what type of jail time did he serve? How did the same prosecutors harass him five years later when a DVD of their raid on his house was just about to go on sale? What made the duo split up, and when did they finally get together to tour and sell bongs? Why the hell does Stacey Keach turn into a lizard? What's up with Brent and the little bee machines? Is he really Trent on this episode? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit Our Sources:
  • Bonus Episode: Borrowed Time
    September 27th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we step away from our usual show pattern and give you a good old fashioned bonus episode. If you want a regular episode, skip this one and go one episode ahead or back. There, you’ll hear us research and topic and spit facts at you as well as horrible off topic jokes and conversational cul-de-sacs. On this one, however, we give you a bonus episode. No research. No plan, just the fellas shooting it over some whiskey. What do we talk about? All sorts of stuff. Great stuff! Crazy stuff! Stuff that is sure to delight and offend! We actually turned to the unofficial SK Facebook group, and they asked us questions about our philosophy on life. What did they ask us? What is our philosophy on falling down and getting back up again? What is our philosophy on happiness. We get all Depak on you and spit some enlightenment. So, get those earholes ready for some wisdom. Oh, and if you love this Bonus Episode or our regular episodes, do us two favors. First, go and support us on Patreon!
  • Episode 419: Vince McMahon: The Ultimate Heel
    September 24th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we look at the ultimate heel in all of professional wrestling, the chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon. Vince is the primary owner of the company, and he is a unique corporate mogul. Yes, he’s worth billions of dollars for having an insane vision that nobody else had (kind of like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but with man flesh instead of microchips). But he has also paid his dues, putting himself through the same grueling matches as the boys. He’s a controversial figure who change the entire TV mediascape. He was born as the third generation of sports promoter with a father and grandfather who both promoted boxing and wrestling matches in their New England and New York territory. Vince McMahon didn’t know his father at all until he was 12 and moved to New York to study under him and start working the wrestling and promoting gig. By the time he finished college, he had a plan to take his family’s property national and buck the traditional unwritten law that said no wrestling promoter would wander into other people’s territory. Vince was armed with the newly famous Hulk Hogan, and they cut a deal together to take on the entire nation and make professional wrestling more than a backyard gig. Within a few years, he was the master of syndication and with Hogan and Jessie Ventura’s fame and heat in the ring, the started to take over all the other territories. He soon launched WrestleMania, and by WrestleMania III, he was the undisputed king of wrestling. The other territories dried up, and there was only Vince and his WWF. Eventually, he went to war with Ted Turner over cable wrestling dominance, and he won that as well, gobbling up ECW and WCW and changing his name to WWE after a lawsuit. But this rags to riches story comes with drama. He treats his wrestlers notoriously poorly, giving them no health benefits or pension, and using them up until they can’t be used any more. Some of the old timers had it out with him. There were feuds, lawsuits, deaths, and challenges, but Mr. McMahon (the character and the person) always came out on top. So, what happened when Jessie the Body tried to unionize the wrestlers? Why did Hulk Hogan get fired and then brought back on as the golden boy? Was the Rock the biggest of all time, or was it someone else? Why did Vince get death threats building his company, and how did he respond to his wife? How are the wrestlers treated poorly? What was the Montreal Screw Job, and how did it change the face of all professional wrestling? From Andre the Giant to Mick Foley, Vince was in the middle. So, listen, laugh, learn.   Visit Our Sources:    
  • The Warminster Thing: From UFOs to Creeping Clouds
    September 20th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we explore one of the biggest paranormal cases in the history of the UK, known simply as the Warminster Thing. The Thing is hard to describe. The events surrounding it started on Christmas Morning of 1964, but they spread through 1965 and 1966 as well. What makes this case unique in UFO lore is that it had so many witnesses (practically the whole town witnessed some part of it), and The Thing happened in different forms over the years. The first encounter with the Warminster Thing was a series of strange sounds. Several witnesses on that Christmas morning heard a horrible sound. One woman said it was like someone was dragging large branches over her roof and then was followed by massive hail stones falling on the roof, though the sky was clear and dry. Over 30 soldiers at a nearby base heard The Thing as well and described it as a chimney being ripped from the wall and dropped on top of the buildings. Another woman heard the horrible sound on an early morning walk, and the sound waves pressed her to the ground. Many other witnesses experienced the same strange, loud sound in the night sky just in time to think it was an evil Santa Some time passed with no more of these strange audio moments, but then something even bigger happened. Many people reported hearing a massive explosion in the sky and felt several earth quakes after the denotation. The weird thing was what the blast did. Many witnesses claim it turned into a giant cloud of smoke, like a mushroom cloud but shaped more like a light bulb. The, the cloud lowered to the ground and rolled over the forest. It turned into a ball of smoke with a bright yellow glowing core and sent tentacles of electricity out of it as crept along the tree line. The third big encounter with The Thing was the UFOS. Eventually, people started to see a classic cigar shaped UFO with what looked like coal fires in its port holes. It was perfectly silent and slid around the sky, again, with multiple witnesses. But then there were small things, too. A bunch of rats mutilated through the town and filled with strange puncture holes. A flock of pigeons that suddenly died in unison and fell from the sky. All of these encounters led to a town meeting in Warminster, intended to calm the populace down. All it did, however, was rile them up. People compared notes, freaked out, demanded action. A reporter covering the meeting named Arthur Shuttlewood was given one of the most famous UFO photos of all time at this meeting and took the story to the Daily Mirror. He wrote several stories and a crucial book in which he interviewed the witnesses of all the strange manifestations of The Warminster Thing. So, what was it? An alien visit? A dimensional rift? An energy weapon? An experimental craft in the cold war? What do we think of the UFO  video shot on site in 2017? We have our theories, so listen, laugh, learn.   Visit our Sources:    
  • Suicide Forest: Death in the Trees
    September 17th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we look at a unique and chilling place called Aokigahara—the Suicide Forest. It started as a way to have an episode about a haunted place, but this forest is so wild it took on a life of its own. The Suicide Forest is Japan, in the shadow of Mt. Fuji, and it is internationally famous as a place to go to end one’s life. As a result, it is considered one of the most haunted places on earth, but the macabre and disturbing facts about those who enter the woods alive trump the tales of those who are lingering around as undead. Though the exact number of deaths isn’t known in this forest, the last census was over 100 in one year; that was the year the Japanese government quite publishing the numbers since it just encouraged more people to go. These woods are not like normal woods. For one thing, the ground is volcanic rock from an eruption of Mt. Fuji in the 9th Century. This results in trees with roots bulging from the ground, looking like limbs in a Tim Burton film or a haunted forest in a cartoon. The ground is black, the sky can’t be seen, and the trees are twisted. On top of that, there are no birds, and the porous lava rock absorbs sound. It is eerily silent. Oh, and for some reason, compasses don’t work, GPS takes a dump, and you can’t get a cell signal. One disturbing fact of the woods is the ribbons. There are strings and ribbons all over the place. These are for people to mark their own resting places, so families can find the bodies. A walk through the Suicide Forest will have you find discarded shoes, empty tents, bottles of poison, nooses hanging from trees, and of course dead bodies. But the problem comes from the ghostly side. Japanese spirits called Yurei are angry and perturbed. They disturb the woods and are even though to possess people and make them angry, despondent, and suicidal. When a worker finds a body in the woods, they bring them back to the morgue, and there a guard has to sit with them all night to make sure the Yurei finds peace. Yeah, that’s pretty gnarly. So, what is the number one method of suicide in these troubling woods? What happened to the YouTuber who found a body while filming his vlog? Did Japanese elderly used to wander to these woods to die? What types of hauntings happen here? What do the signs say in order to get people not to take their own life? How does the Japanese mindset about suicide play into the popularity of this horrible destination? Listen, laugh, learn,   Visit our Sources:    
  • Episode 416: The Weather Underground: Bombs, Commies, and Orgies
    September 13th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we look at the ultimate left-wing radical group from the 1960s, the Weather Underground. The WGO, or simply the Weathermen detonated 25 bombs in the US in only seven years. They blew up a bomb at the U.S. Senate, the Pentagon, and the New York Police headquarters. They tried to burn down the house of a member of the US Supreme Court, and they really hated one particular statue. Originally, the Weather Underground was a violent branch of a national student group called the Students for a Democratic Society. Their original goal was to help end the war in Vietnam and to bring social and economic equality to the poor and minorities. However, after a heated national meeting, the Weathermen took over the group and made it much more dangerous. They aligned themselves with groups like the Black Panthers, learned how to stage a revolution in Cuba and North Vietnam, and started to make explosives. The Weathermen declared war on the United States, and after bad politics, they went underground, severing their ties with the student groups. Within a few years, key members were on the FBI’s most wanted list, and they were rightfully branded a terrorist group. They had strange ways of recruiting their white middle class members. One was called “Jailbreaks” where they’d go into high schools (sometimes topless) and storm classes to tell the youth that the curriculum was corrupt and to peel students out of the class and into the streets. Another was drugs. Drugs and orgies. So many orgies, until the STDs started to spread, and people got weird about sexual jealousy. But in the background of all of this was a truly radical group. Where did they unleash their Days of Rage, and how many of them were arrested and shot? Why did they always go after police? What happened with the FBI illegally perusing them using COINTELPRO, and how did this affect the arrest and conviction of the Weathermen? What was the “Wargasm,” and how many of their own were killed in a failed bombing attempt? Oh, and what caused them to break Timothy Leary out of jail and smuggle him out of the country, and what might this have had to do with John Lennon? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit our Sources:
  • Episode 415: Hopkinsville Goblins: Aliens, Cryptids, or Silver Monkies?
    September 10th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we hit you with a crazy recipe—take one part cryptid and one part UFO encounter, bake in the Kentucky summer, and you get the Hopkinsville Goblins. The case of the Hopkinsville Goblins is one of the most important in all of UFOlogy because it establishes the details that a great many UFO cases follow for years after. It is, in fact, the genesis of the term “little green men,” even though the Goblins weren’t thought to be green. So, what exactly happened in Hopkinsville that is still studied to this day? Back in August of 1955, two families were staying in a small, homemade house in the woods of Kentucky. There were a total of 11 of them (5 adults, 4 children, and 2 carnies) at the house when things went sideways. One member of the house went outside to draw some water from the pump and saw what he called a flying saucer that showed every color in the rainbow. He told everyone this, and they dismissed it as a shooting star. (A highway patrol officer reported similar lights in the sky a few hours later, unbeknownst to each other). About an hour after, everyone heard noises outside and went to investigate. Since the dog was freaking out, they took their guns and saw the Goblins. They were allegedly about 2 or 3 feet tall with large glowing eyes. They had atrophied legs but buffed upper bodies, and they walked with a strange gait that looked as if they were underwater (and some witnesses said they were floating off the ground). The two men fired at the first Goblin, hit it dead center, and reported a sound like a bullet striking metal. The Goblin fell back and retreated into the woods, and this was the start of a four hour campaign of fear and bullets. The Goblins started to claw at the roof and pop up into windows and scratch at the door. The families fired over 100 rounds at them and eventually packed it up headed into town to get the police. The cops had heard tell of the fire fight, so they weren’t taking any chances. A total of 16 officers from three police and military unit went to investigate. They confirmed in all 16 of their reports that the house was damaged as if something was trying to get in. The police also heard strange things in the trees and saw the weird lights. Eventually, the cops left, and about 45 minutes later, the Goblins were back to terrorize some more. The families left for the night, and it all hit the media. The next day, they gave their one and only interview to a local radio host, and they described the creatures. This is an odd case because it predates UFO hysteria, and the witnesses stood nothing to gain. They hated the attention it brought them and after later investigations were conducted, their story turned out to be one of the most consistent in UFO/Cryptid lore. So, what were these Goblins? Were they a great horned owl as many suggested? Was it a circus monkey painted silver (yes, that’s a theory). Were they all tripping balls on some chemical or drug? What connections do these creatures potentially have to the Mothman? Listen, laugh, learn.   Visit our Sources:  
  • Episode 414: Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs: Three Guys, One Hammer
    September 6th, 2019
    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we focus our gaze on some Ukrainian true crime and look at some of the worst human beings to ever live—The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs. These three 19 year olds were the culprits behind a chain of awful murders in the summer of 2007. They were made internationally famous for creating the ghoulish viral video called “3 Guys 1 Hammer” in which they bludgeon one of their victims to death and stab him with a screw driver, all while taunting him and posing for selfies as he gurgles to death. The three of them are said to have come from privileged backgrounds, with parents who were lawyers and such (one was even said to be friendly with the prime minister). They had typical upbringings, but at one point the three of them noted that they had fears and phobias, which they construed as weaknesses. One of them was a fear of heights, so they dangled from balconies for hours to “cure” him. Another had a fear of blood, so they became heartless sociopathic murderers. You know. Like you do. Their motive was said to stem for a desire to make 40 videos of 40 murders for a website. They would pick their victims at random, often targeting the young and the old. Their typical weapon was a hammer or some construction tool they could use to bludgeon. They’d often kill more than one person per day and film it. They’d also take the possessions from their kills and sell them at local pawn shops. Some murders were done in front of people, and one was right across the street from the main prosecutor’s office! These teens were heartless, soulless monsters who killed for fun. Or, maybe not even fun. Maybe out of boredom, it seems. So, what finally got the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs arrested? Why did one of them get off with a  light sentence compared to the life sentences of the other two? How many did they ultimately kill? When did they start gouging out eyes, and what did they do to the pregnant woman they killed? If this is your sort of sick episode, then listen, laugh, learn.   Check out our Sources:  
  • Episode 413: Steve Irwin: The Crocodile Hunter
    September 3rd, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we go down under and talk about one of Australia’s national heroes, Steve Irwin. This topic is a fan-favorite based on the polls, so we dive deep into the life of the Crocodile Hunter himself. Steve Irwin was born into the career he excelled at. His parents were a wildlife expert and a wildlife rehabilitator who owned a small place called the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park. Young Steve grew up around crocs and snakes and all the horrible, horrible things in Australia that will kill you quick-like. He was given a pet snake as a boy, which made him love reptiles even more. Irwin spent his youth feeding, training, and cleaning up after the animals, and he was so good at it that by the age 13, he was able to volunteer at the Queensland's East Coast Crocodile Management. While there, he allegedly captured over 100 crocs himself, and he brought several of them back to his parents’ park. This upbringing made him an animal lover who was always one step ahead of the reptiles. As an adult, he was still working the in park, and he met Terri Raines, who owned an animal rehab joint back in Oregon. They fell in love instantly and married; this marriage is what rocketed Steve Irwin to fame. How, do you ask? Well, instead of a honeymoon, they went out capturing crocks and filming it, and the resulting work was the genesis of what became the massive hit, the Crocodile Hunter. In no time, this single documentary led to a TV series, and within a few years, it was an international smash. Irwin spent a large portion of his wealth buying up land to act as nature preserves, and he used his fame to help educate the world about amazing, deadly, and often endangered animals. He transformed the park owned by his parents to the now massive Australia Zoo. His wild eyes and crazy dialect, along with his crack-head like enthusiasm made him a house hold name. Everyone watched as he wrestled massive deadly crocs, taunted poisonous snakes, and crawled around horrible animals that would have killed anyone else. However, this flirt with death that made him so popular eventually caught up with him. While filing for a new documentary, he and his camera man ran into a large stingray. They filmed it to get footage that Irwin could give to his daughter Bindi for her new show, but he got too close. It stung him several times in the torso, eventually piercing his heart. They took him back to the boat and rushed him to a hospital, but it was too late. Steve Irwin was made famous by and died for what he loved, and he filmed it all the way. So, give this a listen, and then you have my permission to go binge watch YouTube clips of him doing crazy, crazy things.   Check out our Sources:  
  • Episode 412: Trail of Tears: American Greed, American Tragedy
    August 30th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we look at greed made manifest by the US government—the tragedy of the Trail of Tears. Most people know the Trail of Tears to be a death march in which indigenous peoples in the US were forced to relocate to lands they didn’t want, but it is a deeper tale than that. First, it wasn’t just the Cherokee as many people were taught in school. It was several groups, including the Creek, Seminole, Choctaw, and Chickasaw (among others). It also wasn’t just a single bad march, it was a systemic, government run process of forcing people of their land for about a decade. So where did it start? Greed. In the early 1800s, gold was discovered in Georgia. Simultaneously, southern plantation owners in several states were trying to grab more land, and there were several Indian groups who owned the land they wanted. Why try to buy land at a fair price (for gold or agriculture), when you can get the government to forcibly remove people? Enter the Indian Removal Act of 1830. It was a close vote in the Congress, but the support of President Jackson won the day, and the native peoples were screwed. Money was set aside to buy land and pay for the move, but not enough. Plus which, the government had no idea how to move 100,000 people without a significant portion of them dying. In the Trail of Tears, there was greed and corruption. There was cholera and blizzards. There was a whole lot of death and a whole of people who didn’t care so much. Groups like the Choctaw made deals with the US government to sell their own farm land and set out early (but died on the trail anyway). Groups like the Cherokee held out until the end and were forced to move at military gunpoint. And, badass groups like the Seminole fought a war, killing people guerrilla style from the swamps of the Florida everglades by way of resistance. So, which native groups went willingly, and which ones fought tooth and nail? Who was the chief that caused so much trouble in Florida? Which groups of Indians owned African slaves? What did George Washington try to do decades earlier to stop this from happening? How many people were transported in the Trail of Tears and how many were thought to have died? How much more did boat owners charge the natives than the white man to travel to their destination? How many times will Dave say “supple cotton” in this episode? Listen, laugh, learn. Explore the Sources we Cite and Discuss:
  • Episode 411: Beaumont Children: Australia’s Wake Up Call
    August 27th, 2019
    On this true crime episode of the world Famous Sofa Kind Podcast, we go Down There (to the land down under) and discuss one of the largest missing person cases in Australia’s history. The case of the Beaumont Children. Jane, Arnna, and Grant Beaumont famously went missing on August 26, 1966 amongst Australia Day celebrations on Glenelg Beach near Adelaide. There was a national media fury after their disappearance, and Oz was never the same again. It seems Australian Prime Ministers aren’t the only ones to go missing on the beach! On August 25th, Grant Beaumont, their father, dropped the three kids off at the beach on his way out of town, and they spent the morning frolicking and doing whatever Aussies do on a beach without any semblance of parental guidance. You know, eat pasties and not go in past your belly button. They came home, and all was good. The next morning, they took a bus back to the beach for the festivities and were supposed to return on the noon bus. By the by 2:00 PM bus, their mother Nancy was worried sick, and she started to search for her kids. By 3:00, their father came back home from his business trip, and a few hours later, the cops were called in. They scoured the beach and several other nearby. They drained canals, knocked over boats, and interviewed everyone they could find. But no trace of the kids or their possessions ever turned up. It hit the news the next day, and by day 3, the press was reporting it as a sex abduction for the Beaumont Children. Sadly, they were probably right. Police found plenty of witnesses, from beach goers to the postman and the owner of the beach bakery. They compiled a sketch of a thin, blond, athletic man who was seen with the kids. This shocked their mother once she put together the fact that her oldest daughter was taunted for having a “boyfriend” at the beach for days before the disappearance. Whoever this mystery man was, he was the one that everyone searched for. He was never found. Members of the Dutch community paid to fly in a famous psychic who said the kids were dead and then pointed to a building they were buried under. They tore out the floor and found nothing there. Then, where were the bogus letters written a few years after the disappearances saying the kids were fine and living with a nice man who protected them. Turns out, this was a teenage dickweed who was trying to get his kicks. So, who really did take the Beaumont Children? Many theories suggest two pedophiles and murders named Bevan Spencer von Einem and Arthur Brown. Both were in jail as the investigation gained momentum years later, and both were in the region during the disappearance. However, the good money is on a millionaire sicko named Harry Phipps. He raped 12 year old girl and got so horny by the touch of satin that he had to rape his own son…repeatedly. He was also a close match to the police sketch, and he even paid some local kids to dig a grave that forensics found some weirdness surrounding a few decades later. So, if you want to hear about one of the biggest cases Down There, download this episode and give yourself a tickle.   Visit some of our sources:
  • Bonus Episode: Daves Not Here Man!
    August 23rd, 2019
    Dave had a lot of things going on this week.  He had to go to the grocery store. He had to get his car washed and his hair cut.  Hell he even had to take a shower.  All these things made Dave to busy to record this episode.  In summary we invite friends of the show CJ Lazer and Alan Erkenzermenheart to the show to play a game of the age ol' favorite news or bullshit with some high stakes.  Give it a listen if you feel like joining in on the game and maybe taking on the stakes for yourself go right ahead.
  • Bonus Episode: Paranormal Investigation: Who Ya Gonna Call
    August 15th, 2019
    On this very special bonus episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we bring you an episode we recorded on the floor of the 8th annual Kansas City Paracon. Brent and Dave met up with Sam Kulper on the first night of the conference, and after hours, they were allowed in the Kansas City Masonic Temple to hunt for ghosts. This four story, massing, 110 year old building was dark, empty, and creepy as hell, and we poked around in it with nothing but a few flashlights and cell phones. We had to strip a power cord to fit ancient plugs in the Temple's library/antechamber of the Blue Lodge, and we can't promise audio perfection based on the jury rigged recording equipment. But you know what we can promise? An awesome show! On this episode, we discuss the details of that ghost hunt as well as our thoughts on Kansas City and Paranormal Convention. We met some really cool people, and there are few special drop ins such as Jason Kupzyk from the Ectoplasm Show. As an added feature, we've included the raw recordings of Dave's EVP sessions where he talks to ghosts in the Masonic Temple, hoping for replies. If you have the audio chops, feel free to tweak this and see what you can hear! So, what happened at the ghost hunt? Did we experience anything supernatural during our paranormal investigation? What is on Dave's recordings? What happened to Brad? How does the show go when Brent doesn't have a wall of whiskey to clink from? Listen, laugh, learn.
  • Bonus Episode: Today on Sofa King Podcast
    August 13th, 2019
    Today, on a special bonus episode of the Sofa King Podcast, the gang gets into their usual high jinks! First, they have some trouble with their downstairs neighbor Mr. Bosley after Brad takes up clog dancing to impress his new boss and get the big promotion. Meanwhile, Brent builds a Trojan Reindeer in order to squat at the Christmas Tree lot, so he can stake out and preserve the perfect tree that he never had as a little boy. Things get wacky as he discovers a flying squirrel locked in with him, eating all his peanut butter! And finally, Dave embraces his heritage and tries to go full black after watching Malcolm X on mixed results. Guest starring Ving Rhames, Alan Cumming as Mr. Bosley, and Roscoe the squirrel as himself. For a video of this episodes trailer, click HERE. For something truly awesome, click HERE!!!
  • Episode 410: CERN: Physics, Conspiracies, and Other Dimensions
    August 9th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we look get quantum and talk about one of the world’s greatest scientific organization, CERN. CERN, of course, is famous for their Large Hadron Collider and all the experiments and conspiracy theories that are associated with it (some of which are plausible, some of which are about as far out as they get). CERN has been a major force of science in the world since the 1950s. When Europe was struggling to rebuild from WWII, the US had the wealth and luxury to invest in major scientific exploration, leaving the rest of the world behind. Twelve member nations pitched in money to compete and created the Swiss based CERN labs. They focused on particle and quantum physics, and in 1989, they even invented the software that makes the World Wide Web possible, so they could share their data with the world. In 2010, their Large Hadron Collider went online. There are other particle colliders on the planet, but this was the largest ever built and was theorized to revolutionize science. And it did. They were able to stabilize antimatter for an amazing 15 minutes (the previous record was a sixth of a second), and they ultimately proved the existence of the elusive Higgs Boson. One of their goals, by the way, is to prove that other parallel universes exist! But the fun stuff is the conspiracy theories. The more tame are ones that say the collider causes earthquakes. The theories build in strength and then claim that global warming is caused by the LHC and other colliders. Then, there the theories that the LHC is a Stargate or a portal to Hell. Many people suggest the dimension hopping theories of the Mandela Effect stem from CERN’s experiments. One theory—proposed by notable physicists—is that Nature and time itself is why the LHC has technical problems; waves of causality from the future are causing the device to fail, so certain discoveries aren’t made. This all involves a time traveling bird with a baguette. And, yes, that’s a real thing. Finally, the web (which they invented) was abuzz in 2016 with video of a so-called human sacrifice on the grounds of CERN. What we know to be true is that people who had high level access to CERN property were in robes and at least acted out the stabbing of a woman in white. What we don’t know is why. So, if you like science, Quantum Physics, Europe in general, virgin sacrifice, and time travelling quantum birds, this is the podcast for you! Ritual Sacrifice Video: First Ever Website Posted by Cern in the 1980s:
  • Episode 409: Menendez Brothers: Murder Most Foul!
    August 6th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we explore one of the biggest True Crime cases from the 90s and look a the Menendez Brothers murders. In the early days of Court TV, and right when OJ’s trial was a big thing, these two handsomely smarmy wealthy brothers made national news for the monstrous killing of their parents with two 12 gauge Mossberg shotguns. The Menendez family was allegedly a troubled one. Lyle and Erik's father José Enrique Menéndez fled from Cuba in the 1960s and settled in New Jersey and New York. He married his wife Kitty, and they ended up living a life of privilege. We’re talking country clubs, Princeton, and lots of money. But the sons Lyle and Erik developed completely crazy tempers and were beyond spoiled. They all but gave up at school, and their father spent money and did their homework to keep them in good graces and keep the family name looking good. It is also worthy to report that according to the brothers, they were raped and molested by their father, and they were fondled and creeped on by their mother. Family members doubt this later on, but you never know. There were even accounts of the Menendez Brothers molesting one of their cousins and each other. So all was not well in the Menendez house. Eventually, their father landed a very lucrative job in video out in Hollywood, and the family moved out West. There, the sons kept screwing up. They got kicked out of schools, were always in trouble, and even started stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of swag from their wealthy friends. It got so bad that their mother eventually threatened to take them off of the will and cut off all their allowance. Within a month of this threat, she was dead. The details are pretty grisly, but we cover them for all you sick True Crime folks out there. Shotguns to the head, body parts broken, lungs pierced, thumbs almost cut off, the works. For years, the trial surrounding the deaths dominated the media. The trial was a hung jury, and then there was a second one that finally found the brothers guilty. So, which of their parents were killed first? Why did the brothers shoot their parent’s corpses in the knees? What made one of the brothers confess his crime to his therapist, and what came of that? Was there anything to the argument that the brothers only killed their parents because their rapist parents were going to kill them first to shut them up? How much money did the Menendez Brothers spend in the first year? Who are they married to in prison, and why was their lead detective so fabulous? Listen, laugh, learn. Visit Our Sources: Truth and Lies in Beverly Hills by David Kennedy, 2017.  
  • Episode 408: Operation Valkyrie: Taking Down Hitler From Within
    August 2nd, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we go back in time and look at Operation Valkyrie and the German plot to kill Hitler. Made famous by the Tom Cruise movie, Operation Valkyrie was not actually the plot kill Hitler, but it was all tied to it. Valkyrie was a plan that Hitler himself put in place for the replacement army to take control of the nation in case of a natural disaster, massive bombing, coup or uprising, or his own death. It was a plan to stabilize Germany in the face of something that would shake it up and keep the power from going to greedy SS Officers. However, many people who loved Germany but loathed Hitler saw it as a way to get Germany to surrender to the West and get out of the war…but only after Hitler’s death. They couldn’t pull off a coup because Nazi officers swore a blood allegiance to Hitler, and nobody wanted to break their vows. So he had to die in order to save nation and end the war. The most famous of these attempts at his life was the July 20th Bombing. However, they started years before this, and somehow Hitler always managed to escape! First, the conspirators took some new experimental plastic explosives developed by the British SOE and tried to blow up his plane as part of their Operation Spark. The bomb was loaded on the plane; the detonator went off; the bomb did not. Next, there was a suicide bomb attempt, but Hitler left the scene after being there for only two minutes, so no go on the bomb. There was an attempt to blow him up at a fashion show, a would-be gun attack, and even an attempt to blow up his Eagle’s Nest Home by planting explosives in the water tower. None of it worked, and Hitler and the Gestapo were totally ignorant to all but the water tower explosion. Eventually, the time seemed right. In July of 1944, the newest member of the conspiracy, Lieutenant Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, did his thing. The Colonel was wounded from the war, missing an eye, and only had one hand left with a couple fingers on it. He was not suspected as the guy who would kill the Fuhrer. However, he smuggled a bomb into a war conference on July 14th and again on the 15th but delayed the detonation because he wanted to kill as many high ranking SS as possible. Eventually, on the 20th, he got into the room and placed his right next to Hitler. In fact, he was cunning enough to get out of the building, fly to Berlin, and start a coup and gunfight in the streets. But the building was wrong, and someone moved the bomb. It went off, but Hitler only suffered superficial wounds. Why didn’t the bomb have the effect they suspected it would? What happened to the coup on the streets of Berlin? How many people were arrested and killed for the July 20th explosion? How did the conspirators change the orders that were to go out in Operation Valkyrie? Why is Tom Cruise so awesome? Listen, laugh, learn.  
  • Episode 407: NXIVM: The Blue Light Orgasm Sex Traffic Smallville Cult
    July 30th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we explore the roots of the cult slash pyramid scheme slash sex trade known as NXIVM. Pronounced Nexium, this “multi-level marketing company” was created by Keith Reneire. He may be the most persuasive man on the planet (sort of the evil Tony Robins). He started grifting and conning when he was only eight years old, blackmailing girls on the playground based on things he overheard them saying. By thirteen, he was running game on multiple girls at once, telling them they were all "the one." Shortly thereafter, he was studying Ponzi scheme, Scientology, and strange forms of hypnotism to brainwash the masses. Unlike other cults, NXIVM was created to be a cult. Some cult leaders seem to build a base and then go mad with power, but Reneire wanted the cult from childhood. Though never busted for it, when he was 24, he had a sexual affair with a 15 year old but never got in trouble because she killed herself (and we suspect he convinced her to with his strange mind powers). Once he was older, Reneire started a pyramid scheme that was broken up the city of New York and he fumbled around a bit until he met a few partners, out hypnotized a hypnotist, and created the “Executive Success Program,” which eventually got branded as NXIVM. In the role of the CEO and cult leader, he started to assemble multi-millionaires around him as he gave $7000 seminars to thousands of people. He recruited Allison Mack, AKA Chloe from Smallville to be his right hand, and she assembled a cadre of sex slaves for him. Yes, that’s real, and I typed it just now. Reneire was so persuasive that even after he was branded as a cult leader, he managed to fly the Dali Lama to New York and meet with him on stage (where the Dali Lama gave him white scarf). So, why did his sex slaves get branded by lasers? Why did members of his group wear colored belts as if it were a martial art? Who were the Luciferians? Why was one of his seminars called “Dracula and Ghouls?” Which members of his cult were reincarnated Nazis? How did he make women see blue light when they had sex with him? What finally got this madman arrested, and what crimes was he ultimately guilty of? Oh, and why, Chloe, why!?!?! Listen, laugh, learn… Thorough Article on the Women:  
  • Episode 406: Green River Killer: Preying for Prostitutes
    July 26th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we close the case on Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer. Active through the 1980s and 1990s, this monster of a man was said by many to be the most prolific American serial killer of all time. He allegedly killed 71 women, though he himself has admitted he lost count. If true crime is your thing, read on. If not, go take a nice walk and don’t think about what this horrible creature did for twenty years. Gary Ridgway ticked all the boxes of serial killer youth. His dad worked in a morgue and came home to tell the very young Ridway about how his co-workers would have sex with the dead bodies. Then, when he would wet the bed, his mom—barely dressed—would give him cold showers and linger on genital area after shaming him in front of his family. Oh, and she’d come home from work and talk about how taking measurements for men’s suits made them get erections and gave details about how their crotches smelled. Needless to say, by his teen years, he had stabbed a six year old boy because he wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone, and he also had fantasies about having sex with his mom and slitting her throat to leave a horrible scar. Like you do. He was a poor student with a low IQ, and he went off to serve in Vietnam. While there he caught STDs having sex with hookers, and his first wife left him. He married again, and this time, he’d have sex with his wife near where he buried the bodies. He’d choke her and stalk her in the woods. Like you do. Ridgway was an overly religious man, and he’d weep after reading the bible. Then? He’d go out, trick a hooker into coming into his truck, and strangle them. He’d bury their bodies in clusters, and he drive by and visit their graves to feel better about himself. Annnnnnnd…he’d have sex with their maggot covered bodies and pose them nudes, sometimes with strange meats on their bodies. He slowed down his killing supposedly because his third wife kept him more balanced, but the toll was already taken. So, how many times did the cops come close to catching him? How did Gary Ridgway keep getting away when they did come close? What finally brought the cops to his door, and how long after the murders was it? What was the awful tale of the fisherman who found the first bodies in the river? What prop did he use to lure hookers into the woods? What were the details of the plea bargain that kept him from getting the death penalty, and how did Ted Bundy help to profile him? Listen, laugh, learn.  
  • Episode 405: LA Riots: Race, Rodney, and Revolution
    July 23rd, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we participate in some civil unrest and look at the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. They were often called the Rodney King Riots since they were sparked by the verdict of the Rodney King beating trial. In the course of five days, 63 people were killed, 2,383 were injured, 3600 fires were lit (destroying 1100 buildings), and over 12,000 arrests were made. To begin understanding the riots, you must understand LA at the time. It is especially important to understand South Central LA and the lives of black citizens. The LAPD at  the time was one of the most racist in the nation, led by the horrible Chief Daryl Gates. Racial profiling was at an all-time high, hundreds of formal police brutality reports were filed by blacks each year, and nothing was ever done about it. Black Los Angelinos were afraid of the cops, which is one reason NWA became some popular with people like Eazy-E living this very life and rapping about it. In the middle of a decade of police violence, one man, Rodney King was pulled over for drunk driving. He resisted arrest and tried to run, and the police finally caught him. And beat him. Badly. They think he was hit by police batons over 60 times and tazed at least three. One bystander, George Holiday, happened to catch this all on film at a time where video cameras weren’t ubiquitous, so things like this seldom got reported. Within a few days, the tape made its hands into the media, and it was a national sensation. King sustained severe injuries (but not as bad as you’d think if you watch the film HERE). The cops involved were tried for various crimes, and several months later, they pretty much all got off scot-free. That was the fuse that lit the powder keg, and LA went up in flames. The LA Riots were small groups at first, but after a controversial speech on TV about the trial, Mayor Bradley of LA made things worse. By the end of the day, there was burning and looting. By day two, people were being snatched from their trucks and being beaten to death. By day three, the police abandoned the 150 blocks that made up Korea Town, and it became a war zone. Eventually, somewhere around 16,000 troops were sent in to quell things at the end of day 4, and by day 5 order was restored. All in all, the LA riots cost an estimated billion dollars in property damage and changed the face of LA. Many people say this burst of violence was needed because it cleaned up the LAPD and made things better for blacks in South Central. Others were killed in the riots and don’t say much of anything anymore. Be it a mass movement for justice or a bunch of folks trying to come up on a new TV, this was an event that helped shape the 90s and was to presage the Black Lives Matter movement and all of the issues we face currently race relations and police actions. Great Article with Great Photos: FBI Version of the Rodney King Beating Video:
  • Episode 404: Great Quake of 1906: San Francisco’s Deadliest Days
    July 19th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we feel the earth move under our feet and look back at the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. It is considered by many to the worst natural disaster in American history, killing 3000 people and destroying 80% of what was then the 9th largest city in the US. But what made this quake so unique? For one, it was the first disaster that happened after cameras were pervasive, so there is footage of the destruction. Another thing was the fires. Of the destruction, some people estimate that 90% of the damage was done by fires. The quake itself hit on April 18th just after 5:00 AM. There was a foreshock, and then the big one. Estimates put it between 7.4 and 8.3, but nobody knows for sure since this predates the Richter Scale. Water mains burst, buildings collapsed, and gas mains erupted, causing the horrible fires. The fires raged for 4 days and 4 nights, and nobody could really stop them. There was no more running water, the fire chief died from injuries, and nobody could move fire equipment through the mountains of rubble. Estimates are that 25,000 properties burned that week. This was a city of 400,000 at the time, and an estimated 310,000 were suddenly homeless. The only way they survived was to build a tent city with the help of 4000 army troops. The army fed and sheltered them in a pre-FEMA tent city, and at times shot them for looting or lighting fires in their homes. There were dramatic rescues of 20,000 through a navy ship, and some 40,000 who were injured in the tent city were treated by a group of doctors who would go on to found UC, San Francisco. Interesting stories surface, such as the story of a small neighborhood banker who snuck his $80,000 of gold and silver past the looters by hiding it in orange crates (and later grew to be one of the largest banks in the world because of it!). It took the city 4 years to come back to life, and some of it was now built on top of the rubble of the destroyed old city. Though the city tried to force the Chinese out, they held their ground and developed the robust China Town San Francisco now knows. If you like history, disaster, triumph stories, The Bay Area, or things that jiggle, this one is for you!   National Film Registry and Library of Congress Footage from the Rubble:  
  • Episode 403: John MacAfee: Viruses, Scat Sex, and Murder
    July 16th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we talk about one man with a hell of a resume. He was accused of murder. He has been an international fugitive more than once. He had live-in 18 year old prostitutes stay in his mansion and give him scat sex. He ran for president. He hired gang members, doubled his fortune recently on Bitcoin, started a secret rain forest drug lab, once ran a meditation cult in the mountains, and is a tech mogul who created the most successful anti-virus program the world has ever known. His name is John MacAfee, and his story is almost too wild to be believed. He was born in the UK to a British mom and alcoholic and abusive American GI father. McAfee was a bright child, and he did well in school, even after his father's suicide. He started working on computers when there barely was such a thing. In 1967, he started as a programmer for firms such as Xerox and Lockheed. In 1987, he discovered his first computer virus (literally the first ever), and he felt his calling. He created McAfee Associates the same year, and within 5 years, 67% of all computers were covered by his software. But, John McAfee was paranoid and a bit crazy. He was too unstable to become a Bill Gates or a Steve Jobs, and his company was equally bizarre. Wiccans chanted to nature gods in the lunch room. There was a sex contest in the office, and people had to Windex down random surfaces to get the sex off of them. The entire company was only 20 people, and it made a fortune. Eventually, it went public, and MacAfee was bought out since he was considered too radical, which, let's face it, he was. From there, his software became the horror show that we know today, and he moved around, settling in Belize. Once there, he started to become the island's dictator, like you do. He owned the police and the coast guard, and he paid for the experimental research of drugs derived from rainforest plants. He had 18 year old girls he turned into prostitutes live with him, and he hired known killers to patrol his property with guns. The federales tried to bust him but couldn’t make anything stick, and eventually, his island paradise was ended by a neighbor named Greg Faull. After a feud about beaches and dogs, Faull allegedly poisoned McAfee’s dogs. McAfee had to shoot them himself to put them down. A few days later, Faull was found dead from a gunshot wound to his head. So, did John MacAfee kill him, and if not, who do they think killed Faull? What do people named Cash Money and Mac Ten have to do with it? How did McAfee get out of Belize and into Guatemala? How did he convince Guatemala to deport him back to Florida? Did he rape his botanist to try and silence her? What led him to then run for president of the United states; how did he come to marry a South Beach hooker; why does he now live in Cuba, and what crimes is the US pursuing him for? Listen, laugh, learn. Interesting and recent interview: Wild and Funny MacAfee Video:    
  • Episode 402: Mr. T–I Pity the Fool!
    July 12th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we talk about the ultimate icon from the 1980’s, Mr. T. He was born Laurence Tero Tureaud and was the child of a preacher who abandoned him and his 11 siblings in housing projects in Chicago. But Mr. T went from welfare to army to bouncer to super star, all based on his bad attitude and his love for children. He definitely pitied some fools and inspired an entire generation to drink their milk and stay in school. Raised by a single mother, young Laurence was a superior athlete and set records in football and wrestling. He got into college on a football scholarship but was expelled for unknown reasons. He eventually joined the army and became the top cadet out of 6000. He became an MP and eventually mustered out to civilian life where he tried pro football but had to back out due to an injury. From there, he went back to the streets of Chicago as a bouncer. In just a few years, he got in over 200 fights at bars. Here, he saw a Mandingo warrior in a magazine and took their mohawk hair style. He also started to take the gold chains off of people who he had to kick out of bars, challenging them to come back and take them. They never did. And in the ultimate feat of bad attitude, he change his name from Laurence to Mr. T. This was because he wanted the respect his father and ancestors never did; he wanted everyone to call him mister. And they did. He gained fame as a bouncer and parlayed that into a career as a celebrity body guard watching professional boxers, singer, even Steve McQueen and Michael Jackson. Eventually, he landed a gig on some tough man contests on TV, and this got him discovered. He knocked a man out in 54 seconds on live TV, and Sylvester Stallone saw it and wanted him for Rocky III. Mr. T became Clubber Lane, and the line "I pity the fool" was born. From here, Mr. T’s star went super nova. He launched The A-Team which was a massive hit and starred in several other films and TV shows. He even started a children’s cartoon and launched a breakfast cereal. In spite of him being a terrifying man with a famous scowl and world class smack talk, he somehow became a champion of children. He released an album and a very strange video that told them to stay in school, take their vitamins, and say no to strangers. Eventually, he walked out of the lime light due to T-Cell Lymphoma, but once it was in  remission, he started taking smaller film and TV rolls again. He's got a few reality shows under his belt and a strange but amazing on-air friendship with Conan O'Brien. Now, he’s still a star, still has a bad attitude, and still pities the fool. Mr. T meets Gary Coleman:    
  • Episode 401: Las Vegas Shooting: Murder from Mandalay Bay
    July 9th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we take on some true crime and conspiracy theories and look at the mass shooting of Las Vegas. On October 1, 2017, a gunman named Stephen Paddock allegedly opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 people. He killed dozens and wounded hundreds in what was the worst mass shooting in American history. He was able to wreak such destruction because he was on the 32nd story of the Mandalay Bay and had a perfect vantage point over an open-air concert 500 yards away. Well, at least that’s the official version. So, officially, Stephen Paddock was a retired real estate guy who had become a high stakes gambler in Vegas. He specialized in video poker and was known in the casinos and got comped rooms. After a year of spending over a million and a half dollars at the casinos, he started staking out concerts he could shoot. From Lollapalooza to a smaller open air festival, he scoped out venues and made plans that he never went through with. By September of 2017, however, this nut job was crazy enough to do it. He sent his girlfriend to the Philippines and wired her $150,000 dollars and spent several days taking a small arsenal into a pair of hotel suites. On the day of the shooting, a security guard was alerted to a door being left open and went to investigate near Paddock’s room. Paddock was drilling a metal bracket on his hotel door, so nobody could kick it in, and he opened fire through the door, hitting the security guard and firing on a repair man. From there, he broke his windows with a hammer and opened fire. The devastation was horrible. People were dying in droves and couldn’t even figure out where to take cover since they couldn’t find a gunman anywhere. It even took the cops several minutes to realize he was firing form the tower. But from here, problems come in. For one, his brother seemed to have said both positive and negative things about him. Second, the casino seemed to have covered up the shooting and called a private police hotline, not 911. This delayed responses. Then, there was the odd misfire of a cop moments after they barged into Paddock’s hotel room. YouTube videos seem to have audio that indicates there may have been more than one series of gunshots. And, the most extreme case of all, a CIA agent and an ex member of the White House both claimed Paddock was working with Islamic groups to help topple the Trump White House. At the end of the day, the FBI says they could find no motive for the shooting. Some witnesses claim the guy was a conspiracy theorist based on conversation. Others claim there was a second shooter. Whatever the truth, this maniac killed a lot of innocent people, and Vegas will never be the same. Interview with the security guard: Detailed timeline: Politico Conspiracy:
  • Episode 400: D-Day: “The Beginning of the End”
    July 4th, 2019
    On this 400th episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we talk about the largest invasion effort in all of human warfare, the "Day of Days," D-Day. On June 6th, 1944, the allied armies made a bold move to finally break Hitler’s Europe and establish a foothold on the continent as part of Operation Overlord. D-Day (also called Operation Neptune) took two years of planning, and what went into the effort is absolutely amazing. The scale of this battle, the lives lost, the missions flown, all of it boggles the modern mind since it is a type of warfare that no longer exists. Before the allies could invade, they had to do a lot of spy work to fool the Nazis into thinking that the invasion was coming somewhere else (the beaches of Pas de Calais) later in the summer (July instead of June). They did this with the help of a Spanish spy name Garbo as well as an inflatable fake American Army, and some James Bond type MI5 spy work getting rid of all the spies in London. The Brits came through again with their work code breaking at Bletchley Park with Alan Turing. Once this happened, the allies trained and also convinced the Germans they were training for totally different things. Eventually, the day arrived. There was a bout of weather so bad that Field Marshal Rommel left for Germany since nobody could attack in such a storm. But attack we did. General Eisenhower said we were a go, the next day a force of 3,000 troop transports, 2,500 small ships, and 500 major naval vessels headed across the British Channel. Roughly 160,00 troops from several nations made to Normandy beach that day, but it was far from easy. Several beaches were attacked, each with its own code name. Utah and Omaha were American, and Juno, Gold, and Sword were Canadian. Omaha was the worst, and 2000 died within hours. The invasion was ultimately a success, but a hard won success. The bombers missed a lot of their targets, making the beaches more robust than anyone thought. The storms sank a lot of US tanks before they could get to shore. The 101st Airborne was scattered all over the place, and even sea sickness hindered a lot of troops. This was the greatest day of the Greatest Generation, one reflected in song and film and TV shows. The men who died on that beach were truly heroes in a world where such things are lacking. Please take the time to watch these short videos as survivors tell their accounts of this monstrous day:    
  • Episode 399: Ivar the Boneless: The Bane of England!
    July 2nd, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we go back to Viking days and look at the life of one of their most important conquerors, Ivar the Boneless. Ivar was made popular by his fictional portrayal in the TV show Vikings, but he was a real guy back in the 9th century. His claim to fame? Conquering all of England with a Great Heathen Army. Oh, and spoiler alert: even though we don’t talk about the TV show directly very much (though Brad throws out a major spoiler about a death in the show), the history we discuss will ruin things about the show. So, be warned. Ivar the Boneless is an interesting figure from history, not just because he conquered all of England, but because finding the facts through the fiction is difficult. Much of what we know about him today came from Sagas, Viking epic poems whose job was entertainment more than accuracy. Sifting through the tall tales for the truth can prove difficult. Even the truth behind his name is a mystery. Some legends say he was deformed and had gristle for bones. Others say it was a curse as predicted by his mother the witch, Aslaug. Some even think he suffered from gigantism or earned the name because he had no sexual appetite. Regardless of why he's called that, what we know for sure is that he was a tactical genius. His small band of Vikings fought in battle after battle, and they won against all odds in foreign territory. His father, Ragnar Lothbrook was killed by a king in England, and many thing that Ivar’s entire war in England was simply a revenge battle. Others think he was too tempered and tactical for such a purely emotional response, but either way, the way he killed the king who supposedly murdered Ragnar was especially brutal. So, how close is the TV show to the supposed reality? What are the differences between the sagas and the facts we know? How did he a kill another British king in such an awful way that the man became a religious martyr? How long did it take Ivar the Boneless to conquer all of England, and why did he want land when all other Vikings before him only wanted loot? What happened when he finally conquered everything all the way to Scotland? How did he finally die, and why do archaeologists think he was disemboweled in spite of the historical accounts? Listen, laugh, learn.  
  • Episode 398: Wild Bill Hickok: Prodigy with a Pistol
    June 28th, 2019
    In this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we travel back in time and look at the life and legend of the ultimate symbol of the Old West: Wild Bill Hickok. Born James Butler Hickok, he took the name William from his brother when he joined the army (well, one of the three times he joined an army…). He was the son of a strong abolitionist against slavery, and historians think his childhood home was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Wild Bill was allegedly a prodigy with a pistol. Even as a child, everyone in town marveled at his marksmanship. When he was 18 years old, he got in fight with a guy who he thought he killed (but didn’t) and headed West to escape punishment. What he found out West was fame and a life that grew to be quite legendary. First, he took jobs. Lots and lots of jobs. So many jobs. He started as a member of a militia called the Jayhawks, where he became friends with Buffalo Bill Cody. From there, he became a homesteader, a rider on the pony express, a constable, a stagecoach driver, an actor, an entertainer, a sheriff, a marshal, a vagrant, and a gambler. Though probably not accurate, he was said to have killed 100 men. Oh, and the idea of a cowboy in the town square having a duel with pistols at noon? Wild Bill was the first to do that with a man named Davis Tutt. Wild Bill shot him through the heart at 75 yards. Hickok became famous when a shootout he was involved in made it into national papers and magazines; although he may not have killed anyone, the nation was told he killed 10 men by himself. He was a spy in the Civil War, a scout for General Custer, and he even put on a Buffalo Show in Niagara Falls before Buffalo Bill was doing such a thing. As his health and his eyesight faded, he quit being a law man and gun slinger and turned to gambling. His fame was fading, and so was his fortune, but he met Calamity Jane and his good friend Charlie Utter and settled down in the lawless town of Deadwood. There, he met his fate at the hands of a coward who shot him the back of the head because Wild Bill beat him at cards(and bought him breakfast). This was the origin of Aces and Eights being called the Dead Man’s Hand, as it still is today. So, how wild was Wild Bill? Why did he move to a new town and new job just about every year of his adult life? How many people did he gun down in his first month as a sheriff? What was the outcome when he got in a fight with a bear? Listen, laugh, learn.
  • Bonus Episode: Man-Whore Theories
    June 27th, 2019
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we step away from our usual show pattern and give you a good old fashioned bonus episode. If you want a regular episode, skip this one and go one episode ahead or back. There, you’ll hear us research and topic and spit facts at you as well as horrible off topic jokes and conversational cul-de-sacs. On this one, however, we give you a bonus episode. No research. No plan, just the fellas shooting it over some whiskey. What do we talk about? The multi-podcast mini-meet-up in LA last weekend and the madness that ensued there. Us eating treats mailed to us from South Africa by friend of the show Nicole Smit-Bosch. A lot of theorizing about what it would take to make Brent into a professional man-whore and how much money he could make if he took the plunge. And I mean, we talk about this a LOT. Drinking tea and why Dave hates it.(Except for Japanese Mikawaya Shoten Gyokuro Matsu Premium Konacha Green Tea,  and Lupicia's Paradise Green) Dreams about poo and jobs in which we were asked to clean up someone else’s (to various degrees of success). Oh, and if you love this Bonus Episode or our regular episodes, do us two favors. First, go and support us on Patreon at: Second, go and get some El Yucateco Hot Sauce and show the love!

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