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Big IDEAS, Big OPINIONS, Big MOUTHS… The world famous Sofa King Podcast! The Sofa King Podcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to popular culture, recent events, and whatever topics the hosts find interesting. From conspiracy theories and technology to the mass media and the future, this podcast explores two interesting topics per week in a way that is simultaneously informative, critical, and humorous. The podcast hosts have big ideas, big opinions, big mouths, and give their take on weekly topics in a way that is both cynical and educational. Adult content, themes, and language. Listen below.

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  • Episode 463: Irish Potato Famine: Great Hunger or Genocide?
    March 13th, 2020
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we travel back in time to the 1840s and look at the Irish Potato Famine. Known as the Great Hunger, this was a period of years where a horrible blight caused the failure of the single most important crop in the nation—potatoes. But the problem was deeper than that. Part of it was a horribly corrupt system of land ownership which was overseen by the British. Another was massive exports of food forced out of Ireland by the land owners while the common people starved. It all combined to reduce the population of the Emerald Isle by around 25% due to famine, disease, and people getting the hell out of there. So, why did the potato cause so much damage to the nation? Well for one, the (mostly British) land owners forced farmers to grow a single type of potato because it made them the most money. When disease spread killing that crop, there was nothing else in place. It was the main food source of typical Irish farmer/tenants, so the starvation was real. It speaks to the dangers of a monocrop and what a disease can do to a food supply. However, this was just the tip of the spear. The trouble came from horrible laws that were enforced by Britain. They upheld tariffs that made the import of food difficult; this wasn’t done in a previous famine, and the open ports saved the nation. This time, nobody could bring in food. But the landlords also exported the crops that were actually growing. They owned the land and the food produced on it, and most of them lived in England, so the food was shipped away to make a profit. The combination of these factors led to somewhere around 1.5 million people dying of starvation or disease and hundreds of thousands fleeing the country for England, Canada, and America. Many people classify what the British did (and failed to do) as a genocide of the Irish people. Some call it an accidental genocide, but others say it was intentional and fueled by racism and religious hatred against Irish Catholics. Be it planned or accident, the laws and the blight were the perfect storm for the darkest days of Ireland.   Visit Our Sources: https://www.history.com/topics/immigration/irish-potato-famine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Famine_(Ireland) https://www.britannica.com/event/Great-Famine-Irish-history http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/victorians/famine_01.shtml https://www.historyplace.com/worldhistory/famine/introduction.htm https://www.independent.ie/entertainment/books/was-the-famine-genocide-by-the-british-28954929.html https://www.crf-usa.org/bill-of-rights-in-action/bria-26-2-the-potato-famine-and-irish-immigration-to-america.html https://learnodo-newtonic.com/irish-potato-famine-facts https://www.irishcentral.com/news/new-facts-about-great-famine-emigration-out-of-ireland-revealed-139540423-237788421
  • Episode 462: Nostradamus: The Divining Doctor
    March 10th, 2020
    We predict you are going to enjoy this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast when we talk all things Nostradamus. Born as Michel de Nostradame in France in 1503, this man was said to have predicted the future with eerie accuracy. Haters gonna hate and skeptics gonna skept, but some of his creepy quatrains do seem like they came true. Nostradamus grew up in a fairly wealthy family and had the benefits of a great education and a keen intellect. He was accepted to college at age 14, and after a few years, he was traveling Europe and battling the Bubonic Plague. He made quite a name for himself as a physician with a much higher cure rating than most other doctors. His radical remedy? Vitamin C, clean air, draining the puss, and keeping people and place clean. Of course it worked. But these novel approaches got him noticed, and he soon had a royal sponsor, a wife, and two kids. Then, he soon had a dead wife and two dead kids, because, you know, the plague… After he made a comment about a religious statue, the church sent the Inquisition his way, so Nostradamus wisely decided to travel the world and skip town for a bit. While traveling, he had a “psychic awakening” and apparently studied astrology and the occult. When he finally came back home, he was more interested in writing about the future than we was curing people. Again, he gained celebrity, but this time for his predictions. He famously foretold the death of King Henry II of France and even told the queen Catherine de Medici exactly how he would die. Turns out, he was right to an astounding degree. He wrote several volumes of predictions, which he called Centuries because there were 100 predictions in each volume. Every prediction was written as a poetic quatrain, and some were in more than one language. Nostradamus told his son that he wrote them to be intentionally vague, so that he couldn’t be persecuted for witchcraft. Modern day skeptics think he wrote them intentionally vague, so people would always be able to say he was right, and his own fame would continue to grow while he was alive. Was he a mystic? A madman? A charlatan? All of the above? From JFK to 911 and from Hitler to the Antichrist, many of his predictions seemed to come true. We've talked about other so-called prophets, from Edgar Cayce to Baba Vanga, but Nostradamus was the grandfather of them all. Be your own judge and listen, laugh, learn.   Visit Our Sources: https://www.biography.com/scholar/nostradamus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nostradamus https://www.gaia.com/article/8-need-know-nostradamus-prophecies https://www.sacred-texts.com/nos/index.htm https://curiosmos.com/nostradamus-2020-predictions-what-did-the-french-seer-foresee-for-the-year-2020/ https://science.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/extrasensory-perceptions/nostradamus.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_Who_Saw_Tomorrow  
  • Episode 461: DuPont: Chems, Cancer, and Killing
    March 6th, 2020
    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we take a look at one of the largest corporations in the world: DuPont. The chemicals it has invented in the past two centuries have changed the world, but it is a family and company that are rich with crime and scandal. In recent years, the films Foxcatcher and Dark Waters famously showed the underbelly of the DuPonts. From murder to pollution to government cover-ups, DuPont is where it’s at! It all started with a wealthy family moved to America in 1800 to avoid the French Revolution. One of them (with the easiest name to pronounce, like, ever) Éleuthère Irénée du Pont realized no gunpowder companies in American could compare to Europe, so he started a gunpowder mill near Wilmington, Delaware called the Eleutherian Mills. This became the DuPont company, and within a short time, it was the main manufacturer of gunpowder and explosives for America and then the world. The company spread to developing chemicals in the 1900s. Pierre S. du Pont even invested in the struggling auto start up called GM. He became president of the company, which led to one of many antitrust break ups of the DuPont empire. In WWII, they were vital to the war effort, and in peace time, they ushered in the golden age of chemistry. Nylon, Lycra, Mylar, Teflon, Kevlar, and many other inventions were thanks to their factories. However, as they developed these chemicals, the ignored safety regulations, refused to give findings to the government, and covered up lethality to the communities and the workers in their plants. Most famous was the cover up of the world-wide toxin known as C8, a key ingredient in Teflon. Oh, and don’t forget about the time one of the DuPont kids started a strange wrestling cult and murdered a guy. This family and this company is a long black list of scandals and corruption…just the kind of thing we love in SK! Visit Our Sources: https://www.biography.com/crime-figure/john-du-pont https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Du_Pont_family https://theintercept.com/2015/08/11/dupont-chemistry-deception/ https://theintercept.com/2018/07/07/dupont-carneys-point-chambers-works-chemours/ https://www.forbes.com/profile/du-pont/#444f1e9a253b https://www.investopedia.com/articles/company-insights/091016/top-5-companies-owned-dupont-dd.asp https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DuPont_(1802%E2%80%932017) https://www.biography.com/crime-figure/john-du-pont https://uspirg.org/blogs/blog/usp/five-things-you-should-know-about-dupont-chemical-company https://www.delawareonline.com/story/life/2014/05/11/facts-alfred-dupont/8921791/
  • Episode 460: The Finders: Your Basic CIA Children Sex Cult
    March 3rd, 2020
    On this episode of the world famous Sofa King Podcast, we examine a strange cult that had everything from sexual abuse and Fight Club style challenges to Men in Black who live in vans and CIA involvement. They were The Finders. This group was led by a man named Marion Pettie, who started the group when he bought two pieces of property and allowed anyone to live there as long as they could teach him “something about power, money, or sex.” The start of the group, and even their beliefs, are hard to research. This is in part due to the fact that they dissolved after Pettie died in 2004. It may also be in part due to the fact that the FBI was forced to redact all of its information by the CIA and only recently declassified the documents. The only reason we know about them is from a disturbing incident on February 4, 1987. Two well-dressed men in black suits were arrested with six young children in Tallahassee, Fla. They kids were malnourished, filthy, in a state of sub-lingual shock, covered in bug bites, and non-responsive. The men and the kids had all been living in a van (down by the river?). This led to the police communicating with the DC Police who had been looking for The Finders for some time and didn’t know they were as far away as Florida. From here, major new outlets picked up the story, and it got even more strange. Marion Pettie, the “Game Leader” of the cult had branches all over the world and even used computer modems to communicate with each other (something that most people in the world didn’t have). Police found bags full of photos of naked children, kids killing goats, children’s genitals, and very high tech computer systems. They also found instructions on how to buy kids in Hong Kong and how to brainwash children. Everyone from the national reporters, local police, United States Department of Treasury, U.S. Customs Service, and the FBI were trying to find out more and take them down. But then, out of nowhere, everyone was forced to halt their investigations by the CIA. One report claimed the CIA was using The Finders as a misinformation troupe and were therefore protected, even the child sex. Was that part true? Hard to say until more documents get revealed to us, but this is a wild one.   Visit Our Sources: https://vault.fbi.gov/the-finders https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/7x53vg/the-finders-cult-from-the-80s-was-patient-zero-for-epstein-and-pizzagate-conspiracies https://www.swordandscale.com/the-finders/ https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/27lqws/the_finders_deep_child_abuse_groupcult/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1987/02/07/officials-describe-cult-rituals-in-child-abuse-case/11f05df1-48e0-41f7-b46d-249c0bd2bc39/ https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@rebelskum/finding-the-finders-and-how-the-cia-helped-industrialize-child-trafficking https://apnews.com/2eab7f35f730aca807f97a8a08896b32 https://www.nytimes.com/1987/02/08/us/inquiry-spreads-on-6-children-and-cult.html  
  • Episode 459: The MV Wilhelm Gustloff: Hitler’s Titanic
    February 28th, 2020
    On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we travel back in time to look at the worst maritime disaster of all time, the sinking of the MV Wilhelm Gustloff. It was a ship with an interesting history that was being used by the Nazis to evacuate Germans from the oncoming Red Army in Operation Barbosa. However, it was packed ridiculously tight and ignored all safety and even military protocols, the result of which was over 9000 souls lost due to torpedoes from a Russian submarine. The Wilhelm Gustloff was originally built as a luxury cruise ship by the Nazi Party to help give members of their labor union morale boost. It sailed over 50 voyages before the war got bad, and once the Spanish Civil War started, she was used to transport German troops. It served as a hospital ship at times, a troop transport, and even a floating voter platform off the coast of England for German citizens. But, when the Red Army was sweeping West, they were known for atrocities toward any Germans they found. Thus, over a million people had evacuated into Prussia and nearby regions, desperate to escape the army. In the Gulf of Danzig on January 30, 1945, the Wilhelm Gustloff was packed to the gills. The ship was designed for 2000 passengers, but after the drained the water from the pools and threw out most of the furniture, there were over 10,000 people on board. That wasn’t bad enough. The trip was cursed by endless factors that should have made anyone turn the ship around. What happened to two of the torpedo boats that should have been escorting Wilhelm Gustloff? What mechanical failure did the only remaining escort boat have? What was up with the mysterious radio transmission that made the Gustloff reveal its position to the enemy? What came of the drunken Russian captain Aleksandr Marinesko who sank the Wilhelm Gustloff, and why did he get a dishonorable discharge? Listen, laugh, learn. Visit our Sources: https://www.dw.com/en/75-years-on-little-known-about-the-wilhelm-gustloff-sinking/a-18226012 https://time.com/4198914/wilhelm-gustloff-salt-to-the-sea/ https://www.historyhit.com/the-sinking-of-the-gustloff/ https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/deadliest-disaster-sea-happened-75-years-ago-yet-its-barely-known-why-180974077/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Wilhelm_Gustloff https://www.marineinsight.com/maritime-history/sinking-of-mv-wilhelm-gustloff-the-deadliest-maritime-disaster/ https://warfarehistorynetwork.com/2018/12/11/sinking-the-wilhelm-gustloff/ https://militaryhistorynow.com/2014/04/16/the-gustloff-incident-historys-deadliest-and-forgotten-ship-sinking/ https://unbelievable-facts.com/2016/02/wilhelm-gustloff.html https://www.deseret.com/2016/1/27/20581211/this-week-in-history-the-wilhelm-gustloff-is-sunk-by-a-soviet-submarine#the-passengers-on-board-the-german-liner-wilhelm-gustloff-acting-as-a-polling-station-for-germans-in-london-and-southern-england-enjoy-themselves-during-the-trip-to-sea-by-singing-and-dancing-as-the-ship-leaves-tilbury-essex-april-10-1938

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