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State of Fear Podcast


Every Friday, State of Fear goes from state to state to uncover unusual or horrifying stories that tend to fly under the radar of those other podcasts. Everything from cryptids to ghosts to demons to serial killers, if its underreported we cover it.

Is your morbid curiosity piqued? Follow us anywhere you get your podcasts to hear all the lesser known, but just as frightening, tales of murderers, demonic possessions, and silver suited chicken eaters you never knew existed.

State of Fear Podcast, where terror is home grown

Category: History, Places & Travel, Society & Culture

Podcast Episodes

Episode 61 – New Mexico: Dulce Secret Base/David Parker Ray The Toybox Killer

Welcome to episode 61 New Mexico First up we talk about the Secret DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) Dulce. Then we discuss one the most underreported serial killers in history, David Parker Ray aka the Toybox Killer. Finally, we hear from a fan, Christopher Lucero, who was an acquaintance of Ray's accomplice, Dennis Roy Yancy. Chris discusses his interaction with Yancy in high school and beyond. You won't want to miss this!

All music by: White Bat Audio – youtube.com/c/WhiteBatAudio

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