Strange Happenings

Strange Happenings


Follow us as we lead you through the dark in search of Strange Happenings. On this podcast we take an in-depth look at the strange, the unusual, and all things that go bump in the night.

Category: History, Hobbies, Society & Culture, Spirituality

Podcast Episodes

Episode 4: Halloween Divination Traditions

Welcome Back To the Podcast!

Hey, do you like apples?
Cuz uh..there’s a lot of them in this one.
In this week’s episode, we discuss various divination practices that were commonly done on or around Halloween/Samhain.
From Apple peeling, bobbling for apples, apple seed counting…and getting your face burned off by lit candles! (And some more, non-apple ones too!)

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Episode 4: Halloween Divination Traditions
Episode 3: Samhain
Episode 2: Stingy Jack and Lemuria
Episode 1: Introduction

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