The Bison Crest Weekly Broadcast

The Bison Crest Weekly Broadcast


The Bison Crest Weekly Broadcast is an improvised podcast, Think, twilight zone meets NPR inside of a radio play. Join hosts Henry Folgey and Buffalo Tom as they try to uncover a mystery of murder and betrayal in the small rural town of Bison Crest, Kansas. After a devastating and murderous Bicentennial Celebration leaving most of the town destroyed thanks to supernatural forces. Our boys have taken refuge in one of the only surviving structure left, Mayor Pistol Pete's Liquor Ranch. A drinking establishment acting as a home base. Throughout the episodes, Townsfolk and strangers alike come together to chew the fat with the boys and try to point our heroes in the right direction. Will justice be served? Find out this and much more on the Bison Crest Weekly Broadcast!

Category: Comedy Fiction, Improv, Science Fiction

Podcast Episodes

He’s not a Chicken Hawk! ….But he talks funny

In the aftermath of Jasper’s 100th birthday, our friends deal with a  mysterious murder pinata party and the storm of the century… will Bison Crest survive? Will anything be solved? Stay tuned? Also, the town is being flooded from the rains above.. water wings mandatory

a Rusty Hay Wagon Circus Films Production

Performed  and Improvised by:

  • Pete Kellerman (Buffalo Tom)
  • Hank Kellerman (Henry Folgey)

Edited and engineered by

  • Pete Kellerman

Sound Design: 

  • Pete Kellerman

Contact us at [email protected]

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BCWB is an improvised comedy podcast by two brothers.  We hope you enjoy and stay tuned.Tell your friends and neighbors and get the word out! 

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