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The CastAscendancy Podcast


A thought-provoking exploration into challenging the status quo and embracing unconventional ideas. Constantly broadening perspectives and encouraging critical thinking for personal growth and enlightenment. Covering diverse topics, from philosophy to fitness and motivation, delving into all aspects of life. Join us for the inspiration to overcome obstacles, tap into your full potential, and live a more fulfilling life. Come take a ride with Profit as he embarks on a transformative journey where thought meets action, curiosity fuels growth, and extraordinary possibilities unfold.

Category: Comedy, Self Improvement

Podcast Episodes

The Impact of Simps and Incels

Podcasts have become a popular medium for discussing a wide array of topics, including societal, personal, and technological issues. In this context, Profit and François, hosts of The CastAscendancy Podcast, bring their unique perspectives to the table. Profit sees podcasts as an opportunity to engage listeners in diverse and sometimes controversial topics, valuing the unique global perspectives he and François bring to their discussions. François, on the other hand, is particularly interested in addressing negative behaviors in relationships and appreciates podcasts that cover a broad range of subjects. Their discussions range from societal expectations and gender dynamics to the impact of technology and mental well-being. Join Profit and François in this episode of The CastAscendancy Podcast as they delve into these intriguing topics.


(00:14:31) ”People are too woke, too sensitive, okay? Don't take care of themselves physically, don't want to learn any sort of self defense, martial arts, et cetera. And maybe the world has softened men up so much that women are deciding to do things to look after themselves. So by virtue of the fact we've created a cycle where the whole femininity masculinity has shifted on the spectrum. So women are basically behaving like the guys that they are, and the guys have allowed too much and have allowed themselves to be basically bitches.” – François

(00:27:08) ”I don't think any of these people know what the fuck the actual definition of a narcissist is.” – Profit

(00:38:48) ”I wonder if it actually can do it, right? But every now and then, it deliberately fucks one up just to make you think like, it can't do it. You don't realize how advanced it is.” – François

(00:45:32) ”I've only ever hit a girl one time, bro, and it was in a bar fight scenario. Turns out she was pregnant, but that's her fault anyway. Why was she there? Fuck. I was literally fucking. I'm trying to hit this dude, right? And, like, somebody trying to grab my arm. And, I mean, if I'm in the middle of fight, bro, the best thing anybody could do is just not touch me because I flip the fuck out. If I had a girl with me, right, and she's with me, and she tried to pull me off, man, there's chances I'm probably going to fucking throw her across the room. It might happen. She tried to grab my arm, bro, and I fucking, like, I shoved her off, and I hit her in the mouth. And then I just kept going, what I was doing. And then at the end of the fucking, when everything was all said and done, she goes, that's him. He hit me in the fucking mouth, bitch. And I was like, look, I didn't mean to you the first time. I'm going to mean to you the second time. Get away from me, you fucking whore.” – Profit

(00:52:14) ”That is movie shit, bro.” – François

(00:56:08) ”Some people are just in tune with the world.” – François

(01:10:07) ”But yeah, dude, that's definitely way to go, man. This bot thing that I got going works or starts even, like, even if it works like halfway, man, numbers will go up, dude, and shit. It's going to start moving, man. I just feel that, honestly, and everyone always thinks this, but we have something special in the sense that a, we live in two completely different parts of the world, so those are like just two. No matter how alike we might be saying, the fact that we come from two different worlds, there's going to be some storm, there's going to be all kinds of differences and shit like that that we haven't gotten to yet.” – Profit

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