The Corndog and Mr. Pickles Podcast

The Corndog and Mr. Pickles Podcast


The Corndog and Mr. Pickles Podcast is a weekly, comedic podcast with a splash of weird and a hint of paranormal. Each week, Eric and Justin share with you crazy stories, weird news, some spooky stuff and play games all in hopes that you laugh and escape from reality for a moment. Some think we are funny, some think we're dumb, and others think we may have a mental condition. Come find out for yourself!

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Podcast Episodes

Weird President Facts/More Dumb Jokes!/Dumbass Injects Magic Shrooms to cure addiction/Jar of Farts../Diddle Me Elmo

Annnnnndddd, We’re back! Sorry for the little break. Work got a little crazy there for a bit and we didn’t have time to meet up and record. It’s all Eric’s fault really… ugh. Damn it, Eric! 

Disclaimer: We did consume some whiskey for this show. Just thought you should know…..

On this Episode, we have a very special guest with us! Our dear friend, Abe! He wanted to sit in with us and not actually be on the show, so you may hear him in the background giggling sometimes. For the show, we decided to discuss some odd and weird presidential facts! Seeing how we have a new president now and we choose to not get political here at the podcast, we decided it would be fun to talk about some other weird president stuff! We decided to tell each other some more dumb jokes and try to get one another to laugh. Justin tells us about some dumbass who thought it would be cool to shoot up with some magic shrooms to cure his opiate addiction…(Spoiler, it doesn’t work..) Next, Justin found some weird and funny items that people actually try to sell on the internet! Yay for weridos! As always, (usually always) we bring you a terrifying story about a “Tickle Me Elmo” Doll that is possessed! At the end of the show as a kind of “Bonus” we discuss more personal ghost stories! 

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