The Corndog and Mr. Pickles Podcast

The Corndog and Mr. Pickles Podcast


Just 2 dudes who discuss almost anything and everything while getting off track and off topic. Some think we are funny, some think we're dumb, and others think we may have a mental condition. Come find out for yourself! If you enjoy the paranormal, weird stuff, odd news, drunken stories and a bunch of other randomness then you're in the right place!

Podcast Episodes

    October 28th, 2020

    This week, we decided to do a Halloween special and talk about some spooky stuff! Eric and Just discuss some of their personal experiences and talk about some of their investigations. Also, Detective Melvin stop by to tell us about a spooky Halloween case! 

    SIDE NOTE: We are aware of the audio issues. We are not sure what happened and we tried to clean it up as best we could. From now on, we will make a better effort to double check our settings during pre-recording. Basically, we're sorry it sounds shitty. Hope you still kinda enjoy it. 

    Special Thanks to TACO JOHNS for being our unofficial sponsor. We absolutely could have done the show without you but we didn't want to. We love you and all your Tex-Mex greatness. 

  • Reincarnated Jesus?/ Disgruntled TV repairman/ Ghosted/ Baptized by Pee
    October 20th, 2020

    Do you have an irrational fear? Like, something that could totally never happen yet you seem to think about it and constantly worry? If you do, it's probably not as dumb as corndogs... Also, Detective Melvin stops by to tell us about a case that haunts him to this day! We play Mad Libs, Mr. Pickles shares some odd news stories and Corndog tells us a spooky tale! Oh, and before we forget, we have a new segment called, " That's a Deal Pickle!" Where we find crazy things that people are trying to sell online!  OH! We would also like to thank our unofficial and pretend sponsor, ALTOIDS! They are in no way shape or form affiliated with us but we thank them for being our pretend sponsor! You can find their products next to the cash register   . They make your breath minty fucking fresh!

  • Weird Dreams/ Spork Fingers/ Stigmata Handjob
    October 13th, 2020

    Well, what do you know... Looks like we took another dive off the deep end again. On today's show we discuss a few wild dreams we've had, what dumb law we would implement if we had the power, we play a game where we each are given an absurd super power and try to figure out who would win in a battle, and discuss offbeat and crazy news headlines all while getting off topic and rambling on. We discuss all this and much, much more. You wont want to miss it! 

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    BIC PENS! " They write the first time, every time." GET 'EM!

  • Bigfoot's Dick/ Anal Probing Hypnotist/ Alien Abduction
    October 4th, 2020

    Wowzers! Are you ready to discuss some wild stuff? Tonight, on our first episode, we introduce you to Corndog and Mr. Pickles. We dive right in and discuss what we think Bigfoot's dick looks like. Also, ever heard of an anal probing hypnotist? Check us out as we dive off the deep end and set the tone for episodes to come. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @PickledCorndog or email us at [email protected] Hope you enjoy!

  • The Corndog and Mr. Pickles Show PREVIEW
    October 2nd, 2020

    Hope you're ready to take a wild ride inside the minds of Corndog and Mr. Pickles! FIRST EPISODE DROPS NEXT WEEK! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @PickledCorndog

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