The Dark Multiverse of Stephen King

The Dark Multiverse of Stephen King


Every week, a grizzled old horror fan and writer meets up with a Stephen King Constant Reader who's half his age and twice as smart to talk about an SK novel and its movie, TV, and/or audiobook incarnations. Good? Bad? Worth it? Wasted? Find out as Brad and Cat argue and celebrate, threaten and learn from each other, and generally enjoy themselves ... and see how It All Fits Together in the Dark Multiverse of Stephen King.

Category: Books, Performing Arts

Podcast Episodes

Episode 36 – Graveyard Shift

One of King’s early short stories from almost fifty years ago became a really pretty lousy movie about thirty years … and here we are talking about Graveyard Shift, as well as dishing on the horrible true story of a rat that tried to ruin Brad’s life … and would no die. Learn the truth about Ratsputin, and what lies beneath the cotton mill, is this week’s giddy new ep!

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