The Dark Multiverse of Stephen King

The Dark Multiverse of Stephen King


Every week, a grizzled old horror fan and writer meets up with a Stephen King Constant Reader who's half his age and twice as smart to talk about an SK novel and its movie, TV, and/or audiobook incarnations. Good? Bad? Worth it? Wasted? Find out as Brad and Cat argue and celebrate, threaten and learn from each other, and generally enjoy themselves ... and see how It All Fits Together in the Dark Multiverse of Stephen King.

Podcast Episodes

  • Episode 36 – Graveyard Shift
    October 22nd, 2019
    One of King’s early short stories from almost fifty years ago became a really pretty lousy movie about thirty years … and here we are talking about Graveyard Shift, as well as dishing on the horrible true story of a rat that tried to ruin Brad’s life … and would no die. Learn the truth about Ratsputin, and what […]
  • Episode 35 – In the Tall Grass
    October 8th, 2019
    The Stephen King/Joe Hill novella was just released as a Netflix feature … and in this ep, we stagger into the original story, then watch the new movie and go deep into the green with that weird new arrival as well. It’s a rough, wild ride and worth every minute. So read the story, watch […]
  • Mini-Episode 34.5: If It Bleeds, The Institute, Castle Rock Ruins Tour & More!
    October 5th, 2019
    Up-to-date rumors and pointless innuendo about If It Bleeds, King’s next book, and The Institute, King’s last book, and a weird little ad about the entirely mythical but eqally insane “Castle Rock Ruins Tour.” Yes: it’s the mini-episode for October 4 … and beyond!
  • Episode 34 – Creepshow TV!
    October 1st, 2019
    The newly revived Creepshow series has finally premiered on Shudder … and first up is an adaptation of Stephen King’s “Gray Matter,” where bad beer FINALLY takes over the world. That, plus a haunted dollhouse story from Josh Malerman, who wrote Bird Box, is a love letter to George Romero from all his buddies. Hear about the […]
  • Episode 33 – Night Shift
    September 24th, 2019
    It’s kind of amazing: this 40-year-old collection of short stories has generated literally dozens of movies, and in this special “storytelling episode,” we talk a bit about all those that have already been adapted … and then re-tell each other a few of the best that have yet to be seen on any screen, including […]

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