The Dark Multiverse of Stephen King

The Dark Multiverse of Stephen King


Every week, a grizzled old horror fan and writer meets up with a Stephen King Constant Reader who's half his age and twice as smart to talk about an SK novel and its movie, TV, and/or audiobook incarnations. Good? Bad? Worth it? Wasted? Find out as Brad and Cat argue and celebrate, threaten and learn from each other, and generally enjoy themselves ... and see how It All Fits Together in the Dark Multiverse of Stephen King.

Podcast Episodes

  • Mini-Episode 32.5: Creepshow’s a’comin’, A Familiar Name for Randall Flagg, In The Tall Grass & Castle Rock Have New Trailers … and IT 3??
    September 21st, 2019
    A little bit about a whole lot of things in this short, solo Mini-Episode. Creepshow is abut to premiere on Netflix … there’s a very recognizable name who’s been chosen to play big, bad Randall Flagg in the remake of The Stand … there are brand new trailers for In the Tall Grass and Castle Rock, and there’s even loose talk […]
  • Episode 32 – IT: The Novel
    September 16th, 2019
    We’ve talked about Chapter One and Chapter Two — now we go back to the source, to the novel that’s celebrating its 33rd birthday this month. It has so much to offer all by itself, along side and in addition to the adaptations .. and we talk about ’em all, and why you really should […]
  • Mini-Episode 31.5: Castle Rock Season 2, Joe Hill, Stephen Colbert, Patton Oswalt
    September 14th, 2019
    We talk a lot about Joe Hill and all the books, TV shows, movies, and comic books — yes, comic books! — he has in the works, not to mention a new trailer for Castle Rock, Season 2, more on The Institution, and a great story about Patton Oswalt turning into a werewolf while skydiving […]
  • Chapter 31 – It: Chapter Two
    September 10th, 2019
    We saw it last Wednesday, we saw it on Friday, and now we’ve got plenty to say. Is it a faithful adaptation? More important is it a good movie? How does it stack up to Chapter 1 and to the other high-profile King adaptations? There’s so much to talk about … but be sure to see Chapter […]
  • Episode 30 – IT: Chapter One
    September 7th, 2019
    Late but worth the wait: our exploration (and we admit it: celebration) of IT: Chapter One, as the first part of our three-episode ITstravaganza. Amazing acting from a perfectly chosen cast, in a careful, thoughtful, and admittedly risky adaptation of a damn difficult book. We go up, down, and all around, as we prepare to drink in […]

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