The Flask At Hand Podcast

The Flask At Hand Podcast


Welcome to The Flask At Hand, the podcast that starts with whiskey and ends with knowledge. Listen as your slightly funny hosts take you on a fantastically unprofessional whiskey tasting journey in the beginning of each episode followed by true, interesting sometimes strange and useless facts about persons, places and things in the world we know today. So, if you're part of the same simulation we are, sit back, push play, listen, sip, learn and laugh. Enjoy the show! cheers.

Category: History, Leisure, Science, Society & Culture

Podcast Episodes

Ep.14: Of Mushrooms And Men- The Eerie Similarities Between Nature and Human Anatomy

On this episode of The Flask At Hand Podcast we taste and review the popular Monkey Shoulder blended scotch whisky. After the whisky we talk about the strange and wild ways so many things in nature are similar to the human body and it’s biology. from brains and veins in leaves and plants to how mushrooms may share the same DNA as us. We touch on how we’re made of stardust and share almost all of our matter with both living and non living things, then to the Fibonacci sequence and creating artificial human tissue. Join us on another wild ride of information infused with ridiculous humor, grab a glass pour a dram. Sip, listen, learn and laugh with us! Thanks for listening. Cheers!


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