The Flask At Hand Podcast

The Flask At Hand Podcast


Welcome to The Flask At Hand, the podcast that starts with whiskey and ends with knowledge. Listen as your slightly funny hosts take you on a fantastically unprofessional whiskey tasting journey in the beginning of each episode followed by true, interesting sometimes strange and useless facts about persons, places and things in the world we know today. So, if you're part of the same simulation we are, sit back, push play, listen, sip, learn and laugh. Enjoy the show! cheers.

Category: History, Leisure, Science, Society & Culture

Podcast Episodes

Ep 31: What is Antimatter and why the f@#k does it….. matter?

Tonight on the flask at hand podcast we taste some interesting whiskey distilled from 100% oats. Koval from Chicago. It is surprisingly delicious.  Antimatter is the the topic tonight and holy shit, physics and fun ensue. Join us for a really fun night of bosons, fermions and photons as we delve into a world of physics and annihilation. The most expensive and rare substance in the world and why and how it could be the answer to all the earth’s problems. Sit back and open your mind because the knowledge wilst flow. And as always thanks for listening! Sip, listen and laugh with us. Cheers!

The whiskey:



Antimatter by NOWAVE


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