The Flask At Hand Podcast

The Flask At Hand Podcast


Welcome to The Flask At Hand, the podcast that starts with whiskey and ends with knowledge. Listen as your slightly funny hosts take you on a fantastically unprofessional whiskey tasting journey in the beginning of each episode followed by true, interesting sometimes strange and useless facts about persons, places and things in the world we know today. So, if you're part of the same simulation we are, sit back, push play, listen, sip, learn and laugh. Enjoy the show! cheers.

Category: History, Leisure, Science, Society & Culture

Podcast Episodes

Ep.16: VIKINGS! Oh…. and scotch, lovely, tasty, delicious scotch.

On this episode of The Flask At Hand Podcast we dive right into the the House Targaryen single malt scotch from the Cardhu distillery. Originally started by mother and daughter in a time when women didn’t do what they did, they created a dynasty of delicious scotch whisky. Of course after the tasty amber liquid we get waste deep in a topic that is both epic and interesting…. the Vikings! From Eric the red and his illegitimate scary daughter Freydis to magical swords and crazy Norse mythology and the fortification of Asgard. Join us on a journey of history, jokes and debauchery. With special guest Andrew Southwick we skim the history and taste the nectar of the gods in this riveting, edge of your seat episode of The Flask At Hand Podcast. Sip, listen, learn and laugh with us! Thanks for listening and Cheers!  


The Whisky:



Where we got our info:




A Voyage Long And Strange: On The Trail Of Vikings, Conquistadors, Colonists and Other Adventures In Early America

by Tony Horwitz





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