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You are who you surround yourself with. Tune into this podcast to surround yourself with high-level individuals who will teach you anything and everything revolving around investing and business in general. By tapping into this podcast you will learn about all the trials and tribulations that we experience building an investing conglomerate. You will also have the opportunity to listen to everyone's story that we get to connect with along our journey. You will pick up gold nuggets and get to learn from our failures. Co-hosted by Justin Dion, Victor Guerrero & Robert Dion.

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Podcast Episodes

18. How To Live Life By Design W/ Paid Per Click Real Estate Advertisement With Special Guest Keith Gillispie!

In this video, Justin Dion, host of The Homepoint eXperience podcast, interviews Keith Gillispie. Keith is a Hawaii-based Real Estate Investor that also owns a software company that systemizes and automates the acquisition process for investors. We dive into some very interesting stuff such as the most scaleable advertisement for investors, wholesalers, and agents! We also dive into Keith’s awesome software and learn about his journey!  

This is the 18th episode in The Homepoint eXpereience Podcast, a podcast where we talk all things real estate. We showcase our own company & our networks company’s successes and failures so that you can accelerate your learning from our past experiences. The Homepoint eXpereience. Real experiences. Real Connections.  


Get in touch with Keith Keith’s Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/keith.gillispie 

REI Automated Website: https://www.reiautomated.io/ 


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