The Official Conspiracy Burrito Podcast

The Official Conspiracy Burrito Podcast


Conspiracies, mysteries, serial killers, paranormal encounters... you will get it all and more! We will be covering any and all "unknowns" there may be. Come for the knowledge, stay for the laughs! - R&B

Category: Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Government, History, Philosophy, Places & Travel, Relationships

Podcast Episodes

Episode 11: The Unabomber

The Unabomber cut a swath both deep and narrow through the country’s psyche. His attacks were frightening and unpredictable, but, in the later stages of his 17-year terror campaign, he emerged from the shadows as a vengeful philosopher bent on changing history. Follow along as we go into the mind of Ted Kaczynski on this episode of the Conspiracy Burrito Podcast!

Episode 11: The Unabomber
Episode 10: Winchester Mansion
Important Update!
Episode 9: DB Cooper
Episode 8: Robert the Doll
Episode 7: The Pope Lick Monster
Episode 6: John Dillinger
Episode 5: Waverly Hills Sanitorium
Episode 4: Antarctica UFO base
Episode 3: Kelly Hopkinsville Encounter
Episode 2: Bigfoot
Episode 1: The Stanford Prison Experiment

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