The Quantum Mechanics

The Quantum Mechanics


The paranormal podcast for the believers, the doubters and everyone in-between.

Category: Documentary

Podcast Episodes

The Madman and the Time Machine

Mike Marcum, dubbed ‘Madman’ by Art Bell, inadvertently built a time machine whilst experimenting with electricity. Whilst testing it upon himself, he vanished – never to be seen again…or did he? There are comparisons to the enigmatic John Titor story, with frustratingly ambiguous conclusions to both tales. Join us, but be sure to bring a tin hat and a DeLorean. 

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The Madman and the Time Machine
Very British UFO Encounters
Death Dreams
Astronaut Alien Encounters
Halloween Special 2023 – Night At The Swan
Halloween Special 2023 – Teaser Trailer
The Goat Sucker
The CIA and KGB’s Weirdest Missions (some of)
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Lost Places That Reappear
The Mad Anaesthetist
Scottish UFOs – The Bonnybridge Wave

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