The Quantum Mechanics

The Quantum Mechanics


The paranormal podcast for the believers, the doubters and everyone in-between.

Category: Documentary

Podcast Episodes

Satan Is A DJ

Since the beginning of recorded sound people have been hearing hidden or subliminal messages. Many were put in deliberately by the musicians themselves. A few are a lot harder to explain, especially those that seem to contain satanic or demonic messages when played backwards. We investigate back masking, and try to create some messages of our own. 

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Satan Is A DJ
Leprechauns – Could they be real (honestly)
Fright at the Museum
Stairway to Hell
Ghosts On Trial
The Ringmakers of Saturn
The Frustration of Mysterious Artefacts
Alien Pets
The Truth Isn't Out There
Close Encounters in the Desert
The Unparalleled Quantum Ghost Generator

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