The Quantum Mechanics

The Quantum Mechanics


The paranormal podcast for the believers, the doubters and everyone in-between.

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Dinosaur Ghosts, the CIA & Cassiopeian Contact

We’ve investigated werewolves, but Nessie and Bigfoot also capture the imagination of paranormal hunters. Lots of evidence exists to prove or disprove the reality of both, so in this episode we focus on the Cassiopeia Project transcripts which offer a different perspective to those looking for answers. 

Transdimensional beings, CIA archives and a man who remote-viewed the weird all inform this week’s episode. 

We look into sources other podcasts ignore, bringing a different perspective to the paranormal – dive in and let us know what you think of our conclusions at www.patreon.com/TQMpod 




Dinosaur Ghosts, the CIA & Cassiopeian Contact
Haunted Dolls
Cannock Chase Field Trip
The Man Who Invented Invisibility
Supernatural Stricken Submarines
Secret Fuel of the UFOs
Cursed Songs (The Power of Music)
Why Mutilate The Cows? The Cassiopaea Transcripts
Paranormal Pooches
Gnome Encounters
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