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James Hatton and Podcast Rob tackle a number of pop culture topics on 'The Something Something 'Cast'. If it's Movies, TV Shows, Music, Books, Comics, Video Games... you name it, the SSC has an opinion on it!

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[THE BEGINNING] Succession

It’s time to talk about the beginning of a show that many heralded as the next big thing, and it had its four seasons and went… but, was it a Success?

We are obviously discussing the journey of the Roy family and the control of RoyCo. A gaggle of children and relatives all battle it out for control of a billion dollar empire. Will it be the political darling? The weird hippy? The hedon? The kiss-ass? It’s one giant eff’d up Brady Bunch at the top of the skyscraper.

So join us in our ivory tower as we look at the pilot episode of a show that said ‘who needs dragons and robots for a big money HBO!?’ and flew off on its private helicoptor.  Find out on this week’s episode of The Beginning: Succession

Okay here we go!

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