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The Something Something Cast


James Hatton and Podcast Rob tackle a number of pop culture topics on 'The Something Something 'Cast'. If it's Movies, TV Shows, Music, Books, Comics, Video Games... you name it, the SSC has an opinion on it!

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[Something In Review] Mando Season 2

Oh, we heard you like yourself some Baby Yoda – well that’s why we are Grogu: 2 Furious coming at you with microphones loaded with Beskar and ready to take down a bunch of cylons… it’s the show that we all binged before Christmas – Mandalorian Season 2!

So settle in and relive some of your favorite moments in a show that has taken the world by storm and even made a Star Wars Sourpuss like Hatton giggle at the adorable machinations of a very hungry muppet.

Ok, and the way we go! (..get it?)

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