The Swerve Podcast

The Swerve Podcast


The Swerve Podcast is three random dudes with the goal to understand everything in the universe one obscure topic at a time.

Category: Comedy, Education, History, Science, Technology

Podcast Episodes

46.1 – The LAST Post-Swerve

The last post-swerve.


“The Post-Swerve” IS A BONUS SEGMENT each week full of disappointment and free-flow conversations about whatever seems relevant at the time. Please listen to our topic episodes first :)

After much deliberation, we have decided to implement several changes to the podcast to enable all three of us to continue working on the project. Unfortunately, we will need to reduce the amount of content we typically release each week. Due to increasing demands and responsibilities outside of this podcast, we have decided to discontinue the “Post-Swerve” series each week. Furthermore, we will be scaling back our weekly “topic” episodes and releasing them biweekly from now on.

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