The Swerve Podcast

The Swerve Podcast


The Swerve Podcast is two random dudes on a mission to understand everything in the universe one obscure topic at a time. Biweekly we research a topic we know nothing about, focusing on listener requests. The topic is discussed on the fly over adult beverages in a manner that is simultaneously informative, humorous, and research-based. Topics typically “swerve” from mainstream perspectives and can include conspiracy theories, strange science, the paranormal, consciousness, true crime, space, UFOs, ancient/cool history, cryptids, and unexplained mysteries. Adult content, themes, and language.

Category: Comedy, Education, History, Science, Technology

Podcast Episodes

Geomagnetic Reversal – The Earth’s Magnetic Poles Could Be Flipping

This week Magnum and Izzo dive into the science of a geomagnetic reversal! What if the poles decided to flip the script? North becomes South, a magnetic dance that could wreak havoc on our technology, disrupt ecosystems, and leave us vulnerable to solar storms.
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