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JFK Assassination – The Mother of All Conspiracies

On November 22, 1963, the world was shocked as the United States President John F. Kennedy was brutally assassinated in the light of day.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a prime suspect in the assassination, although denying any involvement and claiming he was a victim of an elaborate framing operation.

The official story was built on the foundations of the original FBI investigation and Warren Commission report. However, many inconsistencies in the official story and additional information have produced a plethora of conspiracy theories.

It has been alleged that the CIA, the Mafia, Fidel Castro, the KGB, and even Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson were involved in the assassination in some capacity. The United Stated House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded in 1979 that the assassination was a result of a conspiracy.

Herein we discuss President JFK and his impact on the US, we outline the sequence of events the day of the shooting, discuss the evidence of the official story and Warren Commission report, then point out the massive inconsistencies and other strange facts and findings, as well as layout the many conspiracy theories associated with the assassination. Will we ever know the truth?

What say you?

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