The Swerve Podcast

The Swerve Podcast


The Swerve Podcast is two random dudes on a mission to understand everything in the universe one obscure topic at a time. Biweekly we research a topic we know nothing about, focusing on listener requests. The topic is discussed on the fly over adult beverages in a manner that is simultaneously informative, humorous, and research-based. Topics typically “swerve” from mainstream perspectives and can include conspiracy theories, strange science, the paranormal, consciousness, true crime, space, UFOs, ancient/cool history, cryptids, and unexplained mysteries. Adult content, themes, and language.

Category: Comedy, Education, History, Science, Technology

Podcast Episodes

Moon Strangeness – Artificial Moon, Hollow Moon, Abaka Alignment, Ringing Like A Bell, and Formation Theories!

This week Izzo and Magnum discuss the strangeness of the moon! From formation theories to conspiracy theories! EPISODE 117 OF THE SWERVE PODCAST ↩️

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We do deep research that ”swerves” off the mainstream path then talk about it in an uncensored way that’s not boring! NEW EPISODES EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY! 🟥🍁🟥

⏰ Timestamps:
(0:00) Intro
(1:03) Welcome/Drinks
(4:28) The Basics
(9:37) Moon Strangeness (Orbit, Density, Size)
(17:18) Strange Isotopes
(18:05) Strongest Metals
(18:28) Blue Chew Ad
(18:45) Crater Depth
(19:32) Seismic Activity and Moonquakes
(20:49) Water Vapour Clouds
(22:25) Strange Lights and Blue Gem
(25:06) Boulder Tracks
(26:35) Moon Numbers
(30:19) The Capture Theory
(31:02) Accretion Theory
(33:41) Fission Hypothesis
(35:22) Theia/Giant Impact Theory
(43:29) Watching the Sim
(46:43) Stellar Metamorphosis Theory
(49:32) Shoutouts
(50:42) Moon Ringing like a Bell
(55:56) Apollo Crashing Modules
(57:36) Moment of Inertia
(58:54) Hollow Moon
(59:26) Stories Before the Moon
(1:04:00) Younger Dryas
(1:05:04) Artificial Moon
(1:10:01) Holographic Moon
(1:13:07) Artificial Moon from Apollo Missions
(1:19:10) Karl Wolf
(1:20:24) The Abaka Alignment
(1:27:09) Fun Facts
(1:28:59) Producer Shoutouts
(1:29:32) Final Thoughts
(1:39:18) Easter Egg

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