The Thoroughly Wrong Project

The Thoroughly Wrong Project


A personal, occasionally serious, sometimes-profane primer on things particular to everything and nothing at all. Join Lalo and bob as they fully admit, even though it appears that they have the facts, in actuality they just might be... Thoroughly Wrong

Category: Daily News, Football, Government, History, News Commentary, Philosophy, Politics, Society & Culture, Sports, Sports News

Podcast Episodes

Ford Mustangs and Abortion: Muscle Cars and Lost Freedoms…

Sit down tonight with Lalo and Bob and get a weekly dose of distraction from your daily grind. This week its everything from muscle cars to why a progressive society has become so dangerous… It’s midterm madness, freedom of perceived choices and the demotion of women to “kinda” citizens with SCOTUS ending abortions… Tune in, you might disagree and isn’t that what we all really want anyway?

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