The U.N.A.S.S Midwatch

The U.N.A.S.S Midwatch


Two months after disbanding all forms of military, former rapper President Kwest, creates the United Nautical Air Solider Service (UNASS), in which select members from all branches are merged into one. Chief Master Gunny Doom and his team stand the Midwatch (2200-0200) together, telling old military stories and navigating life on board UNASS 1, The Mighty Fowl. Part tank, part ship and part aircraft, this command promises to be the only Big Stick our country needs. But with The Mighty Fowl being our only line of defense, will it be enough to bring former rivaling branch members together to stand against a new threat.

Category: Comedy, Comedy Fiction, Comedy Interviews, Improv, Science Fiction

Podcast Episodes

20 – The Fowl went down to Georgia

The Mighty Fowl, out of the water and on land, got to Georgia. But not on good terms.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unass.midwatch.5 or https://www.facebook.com/The-Midwatch-104586938037970

Email: [email protected]         

CMG Rob Doom played by Robert Williams

Fully Petty Solider Chris Pike played by Christopher Sharp

Second Sergeant Drew Scrolls played by Andrew Mingione

Second Sergeant Leon Leon played by Christopher Short

Logo created by Natascha Mingione

Music owned by James Clifford created by Ian Host and Ride Free

20 – The Fowl went down to Georgia
19 – Cruise Control
18 – Present Fears
17 – Deck the Fowls
16 – Invasion of a Fowl Mind
15 -The Section Leader
14 -The Caren
13 – Happy Fowls-Giving!!!
12 – Pike-nical Difficulties
11- Mystery In Black suits and sunglasses.
10 -The First Nassy
9 – Happy Fowl-o-ween!!!

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