Warning! You Will Be Offended

Warning! You Will Be Offended


Mature content for immature people. The title says it all! This is a no filter podcast where Jerry and Amanda just want to have fun and make you laugh by giving our honest take on crazy news stories and fun facts. Time to just kick back, relax and have fun!

Podcast Episodes

  • 54: Number 5 Gone Wrong, T Rex Gnome, & Sheep Love
    September 23rd, 2020
    Jerry & Amanda discuss a variety of topics including a man who did not follow his wife's instructions on getting a traditional garden Gnome.
  • 53: Haunting Obit, Cheating Spouse Posters and Virus Free Porn
    September 16th, 2020
    Amanda and Jerry talk about an obituary that has a Halloween feel, a scorned woman who takes revenge to a different level and the fact that you are more likely to get a computer virus from a religious site than a porn site.
  • 52: 1 year Anniversary Show
    September 9th, 2020
    Join Jerry & Amanda as the celebrate one year together in this extra long edition!
  • 51: Nightstand Piss Glass, Kids in Jail & Don't Drink The Pink Lemonade
    September 2nd, 2020
    Jerry & Amanda talk about a man who wont get out of bed to pee and how pink lemonade got its start.
  • 50: Pooping in Target, Box of Bones & Wannabe NinjaTurtle
    August 26th, 2020
    Amanda & Jerry talk about Pooping in Target, a woman trying to get on a plain with a bag of bones and fighting crime with pizza

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