Warning! You Will Be Offended

Warning! You Will Be Offended


Mature content for immature people. The title says it all! This is a no filter podcast where Jerry and Amanda just want to have fun and make you laugh by giving our honest take on crazy news stories and fun facts. Time to just kick back, relax and have fun!

Category: Comedy

Podcast Episodes

10: Kentucky Meat Shower

The Kentucky Meat Shower happened to the late 1870s on the Crouch’s farm in Western Kentucky, but what the hell was it?

10: Kentucky Meat Shower
9: Kuykendall Family
8: Tarrare
7: The Berkshire UFO Incident
6: Andrej Beuc
5: The Chop Chop House
4: Vincent Brothers
3: Rattlesnake James
2: Julian Buchwald
1: 1979 Time Slip
Wickedly Weird Coming Soon!

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