Warning! You Will Be Offended

Warning! You Will Be Offended


Mature content for immature people. The title says it all! This is a no filter podcast where Jerry and Amanda just want to have fun and make you laugh by giving our honest take on crazy news stories and fun facts. Time to just kick back, relax and have fun!

Podcast Episodes

  • 42: Accidental S&M, Covid Monkey Thief & Opening Bank Accounts
    July 1st, 2020
    Some monkeys steal some Covid 19 blood tests & Snowflake bank tellers
  • 41: Beaver Bang, Sex in the Stands & Penis Auction
    June 24th, 2020
    Jerry & Amanda discuss a man who says he was molested by a beaver, something that finally makes Korean soccer interesting and a joke about a penis auction.
  • 40: Zoom Dress Up, Exploding Whale & Donated Dildos
    June 17th, 2020
    Jerry & Amanda talk about a man embarrassing his wife on Zoom calls, Teachers comparing exploding whales to Covid 19 and did Amanda donate something to Goodwill by accident?
  • 39: Waving Corpse, Duck Phobia & Black Bananas
    June 10th, 2020
    Amanda & Jerry discuss a strange funeral occurrence, People who are afraid of ducks and fruit you should just leave alone
  • 38: Vicks Vapor Suppository, Dig Your Own Grave & 2 Penises Are Better Than On
    June 4th, 2020
    Jerry & Amanda talk about Jerry's new body wash, reckless grave digging & double penised animals

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