We’re Not Sure Yet

We’re Not Sure Yet


Just a couple of girls who have known each other for way too long and figured out how to record our conversations about conspiracy theories, unsolved murders and a bunch of other stuff we're not sure about.

Category: Comedy, Entertainment News, Government, History, Hobbies, Leisure, News, News Commentary, Society & Culture

Podcast Episodes

Ep 129 – MK Ultra

If you or someone you know has been affected by MK Ultra you may be entitled to compensation…. just not from this podcast. sorry! Enjoy the episode!
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Ep 129 – MK Ultra
Ep 128 – The NXIVM Cult
Ep 127 – Anything For Selena!
Ep 126 – Don't Get Me Started On Superfight
Ep 125 – Prisoner In Your Own Home
Ep 124 – The Death of Kenneka Jenkins
Ep 123 – BYOC
Ep 122 – Hollow Earth
Ep 121 – The Death of Rey Rivera
Ep 120 – Bloody Mary
WNSA Ep 06 – We're Not Sure About Kali Mercedes
Ep 119 – Night Crawlers

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