What In The…? Podcast

What In The…? Podcast


We are the "What In The...?" Podcast! Join us for the strange and bizarre with a twist of humor covering all facets of the paranormal and supernatural. Join Sacramento's own Adrianna Comito and Kent Whittington as they discuss such topics as Bigfoot, ghost and UFOs, and other unexplained phenomena throughout the world, as well as some unique tales from their own local area, all handled with a modicum of grace, wit and humor.

Category: Documentary, Film History, History, Philosophy, Places & Travel, Religion & Spirituality, Society & Culture, Spirituality, TV & Film

Podcast Episodes

S. 01, Ep 46: Vortexes-Places of Power

What is a vortex and how do they affect us? Tonight Tracy describes “The children’s vortex,” an unprecedented polar storm that ravaged the American midwest in the 1800s and took the lives of hundreds of people. Then we all shift to the metaphysical and discuss energy vortexes, places of power which converge along ley lines all over the world.

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