What In The…? Podcast

What In The…? Podcast


We are the "What In The...?" Podcast! Join us for the strange and bizarre with a twist of humor covering all facets of the paranormal and supernatural. Join Sacramento's own Adrianna Comito and Kent Whittington as they discuss such topics as Bigfoot, ghost and UFOs, and other unexplained phenomena throughout the world, as well as some unique tales from their own local area, all handled with a modicum of grace, wit and humor.

Category: Documentary, Film History, History, Philosophy, Places & Travel, Religion & Spirituality, Society & Culture, Spirituality, TV & Film

Podcast Episodes

S. 01, Ep. 34: The Count of St. Germain

The Count of St. Germain was a popular and inegmatic figure in the courts of the 17th and 18th Century aristocracy. He was a scholar, scientist, mathematician, poet, musician and author. Yet despite his fame, one question goes unanswered: did he ever really die? Tonight we’ll discuss the Count with our friend, UFO contactee Erin Montgomery, who will talk about her encounter with the Great Man.

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