Why In The…? Podcast

Why In The…? Podcast


Join host, Tracy Lynn Hernandez, her co-hosts and guests as they talk about Sexuality, Self, and Self Discovery. Welcome to "Why In The...? Podcast!"

Category: Education, Health & Fitness, Mental Health, Relationships, Self Improvement, Sexuality, Society & Culture

Podcast Episodes

The Parent Trap

This episode was a hard one, one that we really needed to get out so that it could possibly help others in the same situation.
In this episode, we talk about parental rights in the context of when children have been awarded to a non-upstanding member of the family/the county. Situations we have been in, or around, when parents have been excluded due to drama and forced misunderstandings. Tonight we talk with Kent and Adrianna about his boys, while I talk about a long-time coworker and friend, and her little girls, and the life that they have begun to forge after years of separation.

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