Wiseguys Show

Wiseguys Show


Two brothers (and random guests) talk about life, politics, and philosophy in honest and uncensored conversations in search of truth but finding mostly absurdity. We chaotically tackle topics from today’s headlines to the meaning of life. We loathe political correctness so check your sensitivities, grab yourself a drink, sit back, relax and enjoy the weird, wonderful world of the Wiseguys Show.

Category: Comedy, Daily News, Entertainment News, Government, History, News, News Commentary, Politics, Religion & Spirituality, Science, Society & Culture, Sports, TV & Film

Podcast Episodes

#75 Rage Against Politeness

Rob brings you his unfiltered opinion- whilst driving- about the danger of cowardice and silence. The weak, cowering, desire for anonymity amongst conservatives will doom this country if they don’t raise their voices. The silent majority will eventually disappear and the only thing they will leave to history is their precious silence. Also, he dives into Kenosha’s infamous hero, Kyle Rittenhouse, and how his actions were justified and the proof was clear the night of the event and has only been vindicated in more detail over time. Enjoy and your welcome.

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