Words R Hard

Words R Hard


Polar opposites but with the same dark sense of humor, Chad and I take on all sorts of topics. Conspiracy theories, murder mystery, movies and documentaries, we can talk about them all.
Just a pair of guys who used to work together and now record themselves talking in east Bakersfield.

Category: Comedy

Podcast Episodes

Episode 17: Ghost Stories

This episode is a long time coming, we actually recorded once before and it mysteriously vanished. And by mysteriously I mean, Jesus deleted cuz  the sound quality sucked. But now that we got that taken care of, you get to hear our personal ghost stories.

Jesus starts things off with the stories of the man from the chimney fire.

Chad adds with the spirits that apparently hate muffins. Animals.

Hope you guys enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe and share! 


Episode 17: Ghost Stories
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