The Paranatural Podcast

The Paranatural Podcast


A lighthearted look at the dark stories of the paranormal, supernatural and just plain weird. Join us as we goof our way through topics like: aliens, cryptids, ghosts and more.

Category: History, Religion & Spirituality, Society & Culture

Podcast Episodes

Benjamin’s Birthday Story

Once again, Jacob proves himself to be the best and most entertaining friend in history by writing and reading a story for Ben's birthday. 

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Benjamin’s Birthday Story
Beheaded by Bigfoot: The Choctaw War With Sasquatch
Calls From Beyond
Paranatural Road Trip
Ireland: Haunted History
The Varginha U.F.O Incident
Paranatural States of America: Alaska
Black Dogs of Folklore
Interview with Beyond The Badge Paranormal
Sam The Sandown Clown

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