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Join the two guy one girl team on our growth journey as we discuss life experience, current events, and random real world issues others consider “taboo.” Come meet the playas!

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Episode 112: Mental Health Check/Vacations/Coke and Poweraid

So we tried another strange food combination in this episode. Coca Cola and red Power-aid mixed together. We also tried Hot Cheetos with ranch seasoning sprinkled on them. Honestly, I was surprised at the taste of the Power-aid and coke it wasn’t bad. 

We wanted to check in with everyone to see how life has been lately. A lot of people are going through silent battles and we just want to let everyone know we all go through hard times it’s just all about how we deal with them. Everyone gets hurt everyone gets scared but we don’t have to stay that way. 

The ladies were dissecting me in this episode and I appreciate all of their feedback. Therapy was something we touched on, and I agree with the ladies when they say it’s very much needed in the black community. Having gone through so many tough things in my life has made me fearless, but I believe the scars have also had some mental effects that are still present. Things like not being financially stable can be just as traumatic as being shot. It’s an experience that will make someone like me work themselves to death. I hated not being able to do what I wanted as a kid so now that I’m an adult I push myself to be as great as I can, and the base of that for me is making sure my family never goes without anything. 

Tune in tell a Playa friend. 

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