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The Playas Podcast


Join the two guy one girl team on our growth journey as we discuss life experience, current events, and random real world issues others consider “taboo.” Come meet the playas!

Category: Arts, Leisure, Parenting, Self Improvement, Society & Culture, Spirituality

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Episode 101: Should the ladies have to pay bills?/Are friendship dates appropriate?/Threesomes

Should the man have to pay all the bills? Or, should the ladies have to at least pull some of their own weight? There are a lot of fellas in the world that are on different levels. Some guys can afford it and some can’t. Some ladies don’t even want a man doing everything for them. Some men that pay for everything want to also run everything. Seems like it depends on the individual. 

The ladies had a lot to say about going on dates with someone of the opposite sex while in a relationship. There is a lot involved but we ended up agreeing it can be done as long as there are no hidden agendas. We also talked about threesomes and how the ladies feel like two men is not a train smh. Tune in….tell a Playa .. Playa!!

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