The Things We Love

The Things We Love


We all love something.
We often bond over learning that we love the same things as others.
In "The Things We Love" podcast, we talk about those things - because maybe, just maybe, you love those things, too.

Category: Arts, Fiction, History, Kids & Family, Leisure, Music, Religion & Spirituality, Society & Culture, TV & Film

Podcast Episodes

December – TTWL

It’s something I have believed for as long as I can remember

That reflection and hope converge in the month of December

We may have so much to do, or nothing at all

Where I live, in December, we get Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

The best part of this month is the big celebration

Of Jesus’ birth and His gift of salvation

There is more to be said, but this is what I think of

When I tell you December is one of The Things We Love.

December – TTWL
Star Trek – The Things We Love
Movies – The Things We Love
Halloween – The Things We Love
Intro – The Things We Love

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