The Things We Love

The Things We Love


We all love something.
We often bond over learning that we love the same things as others.
In "The Things We Love" podcast, we talk about those things - because maybe, just maybe, you love those things, too.

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Podcast Episodes

Bumper Stickers – TTWL

Some of us love to love them.
Some of us love to hate them.
Some of us make silly little podcasts with episodes that feature these often silly little things…

”The Thing We Love” podcast is coming at you today with a brand new, albeit brief, episode about these sometimes annoying, sometimes funny, sometimes unnecessary things you can find almost anywhere you go – and that would be Bumper Stickers.

Are you a Bumper Sticker person?  Are you an anti-Bumper Sticker person?
Are you a Bumper Sticker?

Either way, thank you for sharing this ridiculous podcast episode with your friends on the social medias.

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