The Yesteryear Podcast

The Yesteryear Podcast


Trolls and Aliens and Unicorns? Oh my indeed... Although the movies of today are great, the gems of the silver screen lay in the past. Does a comedic review and first time viewing of movies of the past sound good to you? Then Yesteryear is right up your alley. Join me, James, and my co-host Beth as we journey through the movies that have paved the way through the years. With quick wit and hilarious banter, Yesteryear is sure to entertain. So grab your favorite movie time snack and head on over to Yesteryear. And as they say We'll see you at the movies!!!

Category: Comedy, Film History, Film Interviews, Film Reviews, TV & Film, TV Reviews

Podcast Episodes

Episode 62 – White Noise

We are jumping into the ”Spooky Season” with Episode 62 – White Noise. This has to do with one of my favorite topics, EVP's. I love ghost hunting stuff and this movie has it all! So buckle up and enjoy!

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