There Might Be Cupcakes

There Might Be Cupcakes


Carla is: a bookdrunkard, a 40-something with psychology and counseling degrees with post-grad work in grief/loss/trauma, sex crimes, and forensic anthropology.
a former freelance journalist and counselor, who is never bored.
a disabled introvert who sees connections everywhere–like John Nash, only less math-y.
a knitting fidget who loves horror movies with a skewed passion.
Like one of her heroes, Harriet the Spy, she wants to learn everything and write in all down (more likely than not in her bullet journal).
Join her (and sometimes her friends) in her strange library as she INFJs everything from unused angles.
It’s going to get weird in the best way. Let’s play.

Category: Personal Journals

Podcast Episodes

What's Your Motivation, Heather?: 72

Show notes:
In which Carla explores the horror subgenre found footage, and its subgenre internet horror

Creepypasta: https://creepypasta.fandom.com/
Ted the Caver: https://creepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/Ted_the_Caver
Slender Man: https://creepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/The_Slender_Man

My Letterboxd: https://letterboxd.com/claradox/
My Letterboxd “found footage” horror tag https://letterboxd.com/claradox/tag/found-footage/films/
My Letterboxd “internet horror” tag https://letterboxd.com/claradox/tag/internet-horror/films/
My Letterboxd There Might Be Cupcakes Movie List: https://letterboxd.com/claradox/list/there-might-be-cupcakes/
Paris catacombs: https://www.catacombes.paris.fr/en

Reading suggestions: (Audible link to get a free month and a free book: https://www.audible.com/ep/creator?source_code=PDTGBPD060314004R)
Behind the Horror: True Stories That Inspired Horror Movies by Dr. Lee Mellor Audible narrated by Adam Sims https://amzn.to/2YYubjb | to get it free with an Audible trial https://www.audible.com/ep/creator?source_code=PDTGBPD060314004R
“The Forbidden” (Candyman) in the Books of Blood vol. 5, aka In the Flesh by Clive Barker Audible https://amzn.to/3tQHPQU narrated by Jeffrey Kafer, Melissa Exelberth, Scott O’Neill, and Vanessa Hart.
Extra credit: Faculty of Horror: Episode 84: Summer of Plague Part 1: [•REC](2007) and [•REC 2] (2009) https://www.facultyofhorror.com/2020/05/episode-84-summer-of-plague-pt-1-contamination-•rec-2007-and-•rec²2009/
Referenced: Journey to the Center of the Earth by H. G. Wells, narrated by Tim Curry https://amzn.to/3hKSRCt

Theme song and stinger: “Comadreamers I” by Haunted Me, off their Pleasure album, used with permission
All included movie trailed owned by their respective copyrights. Edited by me for brevity, to avoid spoilers, and to maximize the creepiness factor.
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What's Your Motivation, Heather?: 72
Red Death: 71
Ergodic: House of Leaves: 70
Four Cupcakes: 69
2017 Entire Halloween Special: 27
Bone-Chimes and Primitive Spiders: House of Leaves: 68
Halloween Cupcakes: 27
Haunted Yule: Twelve Days: 67
Deck the Hall with Horror: 66
Happy Christmas Chaos: 65
Hounds of Love: 64
Still Haunted: 63

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